Promoting"The world of animals" Great video competition, get ready! Part 6

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Tell your friends and acquaintances about the competition

Help us Re-steemed the post.

promotion video made by @xpilar

Just keep an eye on when the competition starts


Contest “The world of Animal”, countdown started,
keep up with each day for more news about the competition

Must be posted from “WOLRD OF XPILAR” Community Page

There are many prizes, 2000 STEEM can be won in the competition

The "world of animals" competition will last for 8 weeks and for
each week of competition there will be 3 prizes.

Steem Society decides who wins each week

1st place 100 Steem
2nd place 50 Steem
3rd place 25 Steem

After 8 weeks of competition,
anyone who submitted a video will join the main finals.
Steem Society decides who wins in the finals.

The prizes in the final are:
1st place 300 Steem
2nd place 200 Steem
3rd place 100 Steem

But for the contest we need you to post: YOUR OWN VIDEO
All the videos will be checked before for plagiarism,
do not use other people’s video

Minimum duration 1 minute on video create your name @ ...... and WORLD OF XPILAR COMMUNITY in the opening video

We give you the opportunity to produce and post up to
5 videos max for each weekly contest per participant

We wish you good luck!


Excellent initiative @xpilar

Very interesting and excellent initiative that we support as a friendly community. We wish you success in this contest. We leave our support here, dear @xpilar.

¡Somos Club12!.

Publicación curada manualmente por Club12

¡¡¡Vamos por más!!!

thank you

good post good luck

thank you

Have a Nice Day.

Very very nice video.

Have a good day

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