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Congratulations on the new house
It is a great pleasure to see the house finished and that the family @tailah.bayu can now move in.

It is amazing that you have managed to build the house in such a short time.

I want to give a big thank you to @sultan-aceh and to everyone who has helped build the house and to everyone who has made donations to the project.

We need to give more in donation so that all bills are settled and paid
There will be a new donation from me on 250 Steem

To those of you who read the post from @sultan-aceh about the new house for the first time, I want to show you here a picture from the old house of the family @tailah.bayu so that you understand why the project was created


Best regards @xpilar
Happy with full of joy, everything is done.
All done, thanks to the Good Goals of All Helpers, in the attached list above.

Friends and the community around the house too, have helped a lot in the process of building this house.

tonight, the final calculation of costs, as a whole, after 2 previous calculations, so that it will be more detailed in explaining the use of funds as a whole.

Thank you for your Sole support @xpilar and Team Norway.

greetings from me @ sultan-aceh

I'm so happy to see that you were able to fulfill one's dream by turning their house into a beautiful and concrete one, may God bless you for your good deeds!

I salute all the donors and the people behind who had made this project a success.

Keep safe everyone and God bless!

Very hardwork team