some beautiful shots👌

you are most welcome.
please keep sharing your experience.
i am always waiting for your post.

You have done really great photography.All the pictures are very beautiful.

hi @xpilar

it turns out that in Fredrikstad in the summer, it has a very beautiful place, and I saw there is a river that we can use to cross the river and have a vacation, very beautiful ... and happy to see it.

the sun also shines bright there

very nice to be there @xpilar og kona :)

hilsen @sultan-aceh

Hi @sultan-aceh

Yes it is beautiful here in the summer.
unfortunately autumn has come and it is getting cooler now

OMG,, Your photo is very-very beautiful ,, Loved

Beautiful pictures of a gorgeous looking day. Keep it up!

wow, It is very beautiful! thanks for sharing

thank you @ahlawat

This summer many European countries were luck to have such hot summer and that to the archipelago in Fredrikstad looks to be a nice place for spending time outdoor but still not so far from home :)

I am actually already missing summer, it was too short, we only had 2,5 weeks of heat in Germany, but in Scotland there was no real summer this time, only rain and cloudy. My tomato plant did suffer a lot from a lot of water, I do not think we will get any tomatoes this time they are still small and green. It is a shame :(

Hi @stef1

The summer was short here too, our tomatoes are also small and most are still green


Thank you @mesyko

mindblowing place,,,hope you enjoying a lot there.....

Magníficas imágenes de una creación resplandeciente, donde el reflejo del sol entra en juego para engalanar el ambiente imponente y majestuoso, conformado por un mar donde el cielo refleja su rostro azul celeste.

Las rocas piden permiso al mar para adentrar en las aguas y saludar a la vegetación. Y en la curiara un turista se recrea con tan magna belleza.

Gracias expila por compartir mediante fotos, tan hermosa creación de Dios.

hi @brismar

Thanks for the great feedback

Que belleza @xpilar, definitivamente para disfrutar, unas grandes fotografías. Saludos

Thank you @pelon53

Excellent images my friend, I like the view towards the free natural beauty, which has no limits. I love this living environment.

Thank you for sharing.

Nice to hear, thanks @adeljose

I just finished a post about collaboration, if you have time to read it, I'm very happy

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