The next "SPUD4STEEM" Power Up competition is September 1st 2020

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Help us Re-Steemed this post "play the video"
Video made by @xpilar

The next SPUD4STEEM competition is September1st 2020
Will you be the winner in the next competition?


If you would like to sponsor spud4steem contact
@kiwiscanfly or drop a message below :)

Here are some guidelines

Remember that you must use the code # spud4steem - please note that daily rewards are not included in calculations of increase in%

If you meet the six criteria above, you can consider how you are stated, how we will work out prize winners will be based on% increase in your Steem power, not how much you powered up

User 1 has 100 Steem and power's up 15 more Steem power which will be a 15% increase
User 2 has 200 Steem and powers up 15 Steem Power more, which is an increase of 7.5% - so in this scenario user 1 has a higher % and is more likely to win a prize compared to user 2
These awards and gifts are designed to promote the launch of the Steem Blockchain to provide a better understanding of how Steem power supports the Steem Ecosystem.

Winners duties
We now ask all future winners to make a post corresponding to the August winners below with (Selfie), this is done to protect our kind sponsors from accounts that do not act in the spirit of the # SPUD4STEEM message.

Thanks to @kiwiscanfly and everyone who supports SPUD4STEEM

Here you can read the whole post about SPUD4STEEM from @kiwiscanfly

But wait there is more ... there are extra prizes from @stephenkendal

We would have nothing if it were not for these awesome sponsors - thank you thank you

@xpilar @reflektor @hingsten @bippe @steemcurator01 @ciska @kiwi-crypto @steem-supporter @stephenkendal @steemchiller @kiwiscanfly


Listo el re-steemed, excelente iniciativa pero los nuevos necesitamos algún tutorial, ejemplo o una guia para entrar y realizar el concurso amigo @xpilar

Saludos 🇻🇪 👍

Saludos amigo @wilmer1988. el concurso trata sobre mostrar de manera creativa tu PowerUp realizado el 1ero de cada mes a través de una publicación, usando la etiqueta #Spud4Steem.
Sin embargo puedes visitar el blog de @kiwiscanfly para más información.

Gracias por tu respuesta

Thanks @wilmer1988, see I forgot. has been added now :)


Great for me

Thank you for supporting SPUD4STEEM

Resteemd listo

Thank you for supporting SPUD4STEEM

resteemd...Go ahed SPUD4STEEM project...

Thank you for supporting SPUD4STEEM



Excellent, resteemd

Thank you for supporting SPUD4STEEM

I have not met the qualifications yet, but I am also participating in the resteem

Restreemed listo y apoyado

very creative video editing.@xpilar

regards @digitals-photo

I must say great initiative by @kiwiscan fly. SPUD is already a successful story. I woud like to thanks all sponsors of SPUD.

quiero información sobre el concurso. la mayoría esta en ingles. y si es para toda la comunidad steemit

Saludos @sharifanamin.

Éste concurso es para todos en Steemit, trata sobre transformar tus Steem en SteemPower el 1er día de cada mes, en este caso, Septiembre, solo tienes que realizar una publicación de manera creativa mostrando tu PowerUp.

Visita mi post: Spud4Steem

Hi @sharifanamin

I'll hear if our friend @adeljose can explain you a little

Listo el resteem, excelente iniciativa @xpilar.

Thank you @sacra97

Hola amigos reesteemed, es unplacer trabajar unido a su equipo.

Thanks so much my dear friend




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


I am very happy to know about this . I am interested to participate here.Thanks for the nice post.