I think Steem will continue to climb up and will develop SBD. And it is possible that the price of steem will be above the SBD for several weeks.

I don't think it can go above SBD but it can hit $1 though.

It is possible to reverse direction, this is just my opinion.

Well that's true.

It can happen

yeah, hopefully

Mi voto de hoy.


Maravilloso, me fascina que se valore cada vez más el precio del Steem, es una muestra de que esta resultando el esfuerzo que todos estan realizando. Rumbo al 1$ @xpilar

Steem va a superar lo máximo

I'm really excited to hear that Steem is like the start again, and hopefully we can progress further here @xpilar

Yes @zubir-steem, I have good feelings, we're making progress.
Steem in 1Dollar during the summer 👍

I agree, STEEM 1 dollar in the next months

 12 days ago (edited)

Bagaimana kah cara mendapatkan nya teman @xpilar

 11 days ago 

Hei, sjekk e-posten din og vent på svaret ditt

 11 days ago 

I did it :)
Thank you for suggesting this opportunity

Voted and wish success all steemians.

Prácticamente gracias a esta subida podré comprar un nuevo teléfono. Sin hablar de SBD! Estoy fascinado con como está subiendo y como la comunidad está tan activa día a día!

Yes @jacorv, it's a new era in Steem

Yes, it's a good plan... and I do vote (and for SBD) every time I check in on Coinmarketcap, which is probably every other day... more recently, every day.

That's great @denmarkguy

Yes we must vote for SBD as well

It feels great to see it rising and I wish it could hit $1. We will definitely do the voting.

Yes @maxwellmarcusart, it's a new era in Steem

 12 days ago 

Thanks for sharing, if we as a community could rise up to support the Steem I'm so much believe things will not remain the same...

It's in my mind; to come up with a self-challenge/Funny Photos contest, whereby peoples will be ask to share their submission on other social . e.g. twitter , Facebook etc. That would advertise Steem to others people too, which could bring more peoples onboard or interesting them to join us on Steemit.

If you could vividly remember, "xpilardavsultan" funny photo's contest, lot of peoples participated without consider their reputation here on steemit, i mean everyone find it interesting thereby participation goes beyond ordinary.. this was because they found it interesting, fun and good, so starting up the contest again won't be bad I guess, but their submission has to be share on twitter and Facebook to make it more popular!

What your thought about this?



That's a good idea @davidad

Call it "funny photo's contest in Steem"
and that it should be promoted by other channels, but not other paid blog sites in cryptocurrency so that it is #steemexclusive

 12 days ago 

You are very correct; it must not be share on other paid blog; I will notify you soon about the contest...

Thanks for welcoming that idea



Steem continues to increase ... this will be a fighting spirit to continue to work consistently .. together we can achieve more @xpilar.

Yes, that's great to hear @laksamana-muda

Yes.. we do what better for future @xpilar..

One day, the possibility of steem and sbd will reverse, and the prices have started to differ

Yes, it's a new era in Steem @humaidi

of course, i agree with you sir @xpilar

Very good news Mr. @xpilar I hope the price increase of Steem continues to skyrocket and can return to its heyday, I am very happy to hear this news

I am very happy to hear the news that Steem continues to increase, hopefully we can be more advanced and more enthusiastic for the future

I am very happy about Steem, as it was the beginning, I hope it will be even better, hopefully it will develop more @xpilar

I am very happy when I hear the news that Steem continues to grow, hopefully we can develop even more and be more enthusiastic in the future

Yes, I vote here almost every day. Like i mentioned in my latest post, the best thing to do if we want Steem price to rise is to not dump it on the markets.

Alternatively, if one really needs to sell, only accept a price higher than the middle of the bid/ask quotes.

It may seem crazy but $1 is definitely doable. The 2019 January price in BTC terms would see Steem at $3.50.

In case anyone wants to read it:

I Read the article, it makes sense what you say @numpypython

Tq for update info and ur direction 🙏😀

My prediction Steem will increasingly go up and beat SBD. And it is possible that steem prices will be above the SBD for a few weeks.

Ready my friend @xpilar.

I've already joined the campaign to support Steem


Hola mi amigo @adeljose cómo hago para unirme a la campaña de steem

Hola amiga, visita la página

Busca debajo del gráfico el renglón donde debes votar

Gracias amigo .❤️ Me metí ya hice mi voto 👍



great post @xpilar

I I am very happy to see the changes,Hopefully we will move forward together to build,Thank you sir @xpilar for all your support.

I am happy to see him. Hopefully the increase in steam prices continues to grow and make us all even more enthusiastic @xpilar

very encouraging news, @xpilar
information like this will greatly affect all steemit players.
I hope Steemit continues to grow

yes, indeed the atmosphere of Steem prices has increased greatly, and is likely to jump like in the first year, good luck always @xpilar

Wow, I am very happy with the development of this steemit blockchain until now. As a user who is satisfied with this block chain, I am ready to always give my voice as support to always support this block chain.

Thanks to @xpilar for this very useful information. In fact, I totally agree with all of you, that if Steem improves, Steemit will flourish in the future.

Mm es interesante no sabia esto, ya di mi voto, a esta hora el Steem esta en 0.52 dolares .

94% bueno


Greetings @xpilar i am so excited and so surprised with the price of steem this days, hopefully we should expect better rate than it is now. Steem is back for good

Yes we are back @mayorfaruk :)




吃饱了吗?跟我猜拳吧! 石头,剪刀,布~


This is beautiful.