Winner of "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition number 3) Win 20 STEEM

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If you guess the correct sound, you can win 20 STEEM +

The sound can be from anything, you have to describe exactly what the sound is coming from.

Several may have the correct answer by the end of the competition and the one who submitted the correct answer first is the winner

Thanks to all the participants

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The winner who posted the correct answer first is @tinta-tertuang


Here is the answer from @tinta-tertuang ( 2 days ago )

Sound, open the doorknob.

We congratulate you as the winner of "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition number 3). 20 STEEM will be transferred to your Wallet

Here you can play the sound of the last competition that ended on December 4, 2020 midnight Norwegian time at 24.00
Play the video


One participant per competition.
You can not change the first answer you gave
And the answer must be in the comments field here

If no one has the correct answer within the deadline, the competition will be posted in a new post and the steem pot will increase by 1 Steem.
And then you get a new chance to "GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM"(Competition number 4)

*The competition is in a test phase so there may be changes

Be ready for the next one
"GUESS THE SOUND OF STEEM" (Competition no. 4) is coming soon smiley-1917647_1280 50 x 71 30 x 43.png

The alpha version for betting on Steem is now live

Go to steembet

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 6 months ago (edited)

If that same sound, that's what it sounded like to me, to the car insurance, it hurts that I answer it later, ha ha, I love the challenge makes us run so that others listen to the sound to see if we hit it. @xpilar. Congratulations @ ink-tertuang
i think we're having fun.

Si ese mismo sonido, eso es lo que me sonaba, a los seguros del carro, lastima que lo conteste despues, ja, ja, me encanta el reto nos pone a correr a que otros escuchen el sonido a ver si la pegamos. @xpilar. Felicitaciones @ ink-tertuang.
Creo que nos estamos divirtiendo.

Hi @sacra97

I've checked again, you were the first to answer.
Sorry about that. You will of course receive a prize of 20 Steem
Transferring steem to you now :)

Really, you confirmed well, anything I will return. I can not believe it. I am very excited I have put everyone in the house to hear it, ha, ha, no one hit it. @xpilar thanks

De verdad, seguro confirmaste bien, cualquier cosa yo lo devuelvo. No me lo puedo creer. Me emociona mucho he puesto a todos en la casa a oirlo, ja, ja, ninguno la pego.

FELICIDADES mi Sacraaaa!!!
YUPII!! :)

Gracias creo que nos divertimos con estos inventos, pongo a toda la familia a escuchar. @esthersanchez ja, ja.

Yes @sacra97, I think people have fun with the competition:)

Es el sonido que hace un auto cuando se intenta encender y no enciende

Hi @maykit55
We already have the correct answer and the post here was to show who won:)

I guess "mouse clicks".
May not sound like it but if the mic is close enough, it could be.

Hi @ace108

We already have the correct answer and the post here was to show who won:)

A new competition is coming soon :)

Ah, sorry for the confusion.

It looks like the sound of silence of a rocket hitting the target and bomb!

thank you @xpilar, I am very happy to win this challenge. ;)

 6 months ago (edited)

Doblemente divertido. Felicitaciones @tinta-tertuang
Doubly fun. Congratulations

Thanks :)