WOX-HELPFUND donates 250 STEEM to @blayforson AFTER A SERIOUS ACCIDENT to cover some of his expenses

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The board of Wox-Helpfund has decided to help @blayforson, we donate 250 Steem for the purchase of medesinder and further treatment

The request to help @blayforson is through @njaywan "CountryRepresentative Ghana"

250 Steem has now been transferred to @njaywan
so he can transfer / exchange them for @blayforson



You can read more, Here is some of the statement from @njaywan

We wish @blayforson a good recovery

Regards, the board of @wox-helpfund
@the-gorilla @the100 @adeljose @sultan-aceh @xpilar

In the past, we have supported

@alma-arar, we donate 600 Steem to buy medicines / treatment for diagnosis of cervical cancer**

Victor Acosta and Judith de Acosta medwith 600 Steem with diagnosen COVID-19

Carla García** with 1000 Steem with the diagnosis-covid-19*

Thanks to all our Sponsors who give% of their post / rewards to @ wox-helpfund and to you as a delegation to @bidvote. And thanks to all of you who buy an upvote from @bidvote. *** Without you, this would not be possible to make donations to good causes*

wox-helpfund ny 6.png

How is it possible, with steem everything is possible with your help

The idea is that with the help of an upvote bot where you can buy votes for your post or other posts that you want to reward with a higher reward.

Now you have an opportunity to buy an upvote from @bidvote to reward others who have good posts and who often disappear in the amount of posts and do not get any upvote for their hard work

@bidvote is programmed with a blacklist and will not accept upvote from spam accounts. Their bid will be returned

Spam accounts who buy votes from all the big upvote bots are a big problem because they do not have a blacklist to stop it.

Back to project @wox-helpfund
We created a new bot "bidvote" for this purpose and it has now been tested and we are now live with the project # @wox-helpfund

How to help #wox-helpfund use @bidvote
Of all the profits that @bidvote contributes to, 30% of the reward will go to the #wox-helpfund. You will help support the #wox-helpfund when you purchase upvote while helping you or others for a higher reward for posts.

You can also delegate SP to @bidvote and earn rewards every day
Currently your earnings on delegated SP "The APR today is increased to 29.2%"

Here you can delegate SP directly to @bidvote
25 SP 50 SP 100 SP 250 SP 500 SP 1000 SP 1500 SP 2500 SP 3000 SP 4000 SP 5000 SP

You can also use https://steemworld.org/@your username

Select delegations in the menu and then select delegate

**Thanks to all our Sponsors (delegates) to @bidvote


What is @wox-helpfund, it is meant to be able to help needy people in the world for example orphanages other humanitarian purposes.

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes "@bidvote",

You can also support @wox-helpfund if you set @wox-helpfund as recipient when you post


@endingplagiarism supports @wox-helpfund

10% will go to @wox-helpfund to support @xpilar's charity work, read the full post here

How often it can be applied for funds from the fund depends on the size of the fund. All applications must go through an approval first. "@wox-helpfunds" board members.

Board members are @the-gorilla @sultan-aceh @adeljose @the100 @xpilar

You can now become part of this project by delegating or buying votes
Feel free to make suggestions for our innovation in Steem Blockchain

cc: @pennsif

@xpilar.witness png 2 1048x537 nr 4.png

Voting for me:
https://steemit.com/~witnesses type in xpilar.witness and click VOTE

 5 months ago 

Ha amigo @xpilar, que buena iniciativa y proyecto, siempre habrá personas a quienes podamos ayudar. Espero mejore y salga de esa situación pronto.

Thank you, I look forward to the project growing so that we can help more

@xpilar me gustaría entender por favor de que trata la comunidad ya soy nuevo en steemit y me gusta aprender cosas nuevas

Then it's a good idea to check out

Thank you for setting up this project that helps those in need. And I'm grateful for your support in covering the medical expenses of our friend @blayforson. I really appreciate it.

Thanks @njaywan, nice to hear that

 5 months ago (edited)

That's really nice of you .
These small gestures means a lot to needy ones.

I also want to donate with @wox-helpfund
with "who you want to give rewards option"
But don't understand how to collect maximum rewards for it ,how to collect maximum donations. I think like @supportwox there should be something for this.
God bless you tc

Hi @crafter

If you wish, you can contribute when you post and select% as shown below. It will then automatically go to the wox help fund when the reward is paid for the post

Ok thank you sir i will definitely do so .
Will u mind if I share the post link with you for the 1st post in this category,just to confirm everything is going well for my future post in donation
And one more thing sir will it be ok to appeal to Steemians to upvote my post for collecting donations.

 5 months ago (edited)

Hello sir
Please check my post. I have tried to appeal for 50% donation for

Please tell me is everything ok.

thank you so much @crafter

Hello sir
this is the my 2nd contribution to raise funds for @Wox-helpfund

Please take a look

Just a small query sir, please tell shall I continue to raise funds in this manner. I hope this is not a wrong path.

 5 months ago 

hi sir @xpilar, you have a noble heart, you always help people who need help, hopefully our brother @blayforson can get well soon from his accident

Thank you @adi.pisces

 5 months ago 

you're welcome sir @xpilar

Thanks for helping my friend.. thanks a lot

It's nice that we could help


Hope this helps.
@wox-helpfund is a very useful program.

Greetings friend @xpilar

Beautiful project that provides support to the most needy,

Yes, and I hope our @bidvote gets more support and that posts from users can set aside some% for @wox-helpfund 😊

Sir this is a very nice project
May God bless you for consolidating such project.
However, @xpilar my question is, take for instance I made a post and I sent delegation to @wox-helpfund and at the end the post wasn't voted will that not be disappointing?

Hi @gracellagift

Delegating to wox-helpfund is not the same as voting for a post. When you delegate to wox-helpfund, you earn rewards from the profits of those who pay to get an upvote to their post.

Okay sir
How do I delegate to wox-helpfund

And how much delegation is required

You should first build your own SP so that you have the power to vote for other people's posts, build your own to 500 SP before you delegate anything

Okay,so how do I do that ?

what a great and perfect initiative and project, I hope you get well soon and healthy again to be able to carry out your activities again with your friends and family.

hi @xpilar, tell us, how much profit can upvotes get? let's say the user buys 10 steem, what percentage of the vote will be given?

Be loved ❤️

Hi @steemadi

Vote Amount @bidvote is $ 3.27 at the moment at today's exchange rate so it's max upvote. @bidvote votes every 2.4 hours with 100% upvote.

Example: 9,000 STEEM paid for an upvote gives 87.84% which is $ 2.38

awesome, that's great news

Actually, it's 2.38 SBD 😀

Yeah smile

 5 months ago 

Great project, great job! I love this community and I will be very happy to participate in this project. I'll make my first delegation right now.
I'm a painter and the only thing I know to do is paint. I think that if someone among you has an idea of how to take advantage of one of my works for the benefit of the community or benefit someone in need, I will be very happy to make a donation.

Hi @jorgevandeperre
Nice that you like the project
Thank you for delegating to @bidvote and you will also earn some reward for it

Great projetc to help people. Excelente👏

Thank you @mini80

Dear @xpilar
I did 25 SP delegations within my means.

Thank you @mrnazrul

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