today you can just selfies, home photos)

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Hi guys! And today you can just take selfies, home photos)

Maybe one of these days I'll go somewhere to nature to take pictures. We got the first snow this winter. More precisely, there was snow at the beginning of winter, but it melted in a couple of hours. So this snow can be considered the first.

I love snow, I love winter.

Something lately has been very difficult to start painting a new picture. But when I start I can't stop, I want to draw and see the finished result.

I think that one of these days I will start painting a new picture. I haven't decided what exactly. I would like something unusual but also simple so that the work does not drag on for several months.

And I also want to share with you, there are already 30,000 subscribers on my instagram. I am very glad)

And here is the first snow, hurray: