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Happy Sunday!!!

My new illustration is about an orc, I wanted to do something fast so I did not focus so much on any detail, it is only a personal job to improve the design of orcs, I like to do them but they are a little difficult for me, so from time to time when I spend a little time to improve on these fantasy characters.

This was ready since yesterday but lately the electricity problem is more complicated, now the electricity goes out more than 5 times a day and to complete it is taken to the Internet, so it does not allow me to publish or do anything with my Internet so I'm basically taking advantage of it before he leaves again. XD

Thank you for your support, I hope you like my work... I consider that it is not the best Orc but in my opinion I am improving in them so I think I am doing well, on the right track. ;)


Again this time I started with brush strokes and not with a sketch, as I said above I didn't want to complicate myself much doing this job.


In this part I detail a little more what I wanted to do in my design, I mean the armor and the details that were in it.


Already in this part almost everything was ready and detailed, and the armor was ready only to accommodate the bones ah and in this part I added a design on the face... so that it did not look so dry. XD



In the final part, I finished the face, I arranged some details in the armor and I put some lights on it and that is how I finished my work.

ByCarmenYanes  copia.jpg



Wacom Bamboo Tablet


Grateful to all of you for seeing and supporting my new work, I would be very happy if you leave me in the comments your opinions and criticisms regarding this style or my work. His criticisms help me to grow and encourage me to work harder to improve my art.


See you soon dear community, thank you for viewing and supporting my publications. 😜


Copyright @yanes94 - All rights reserved.

...turned out amazing!

Yes! hehehehe it's great that you saw it and that you liked it is even better.


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The Beast! Strong Character reflected very well...

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We are not going to disturb this boy, he is looking very ugly to me hahaha.
Thank you for your appreciation, it is highly valued by me.

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Thank you!

xoxoxo :)

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Thank you for supporting my drawing @worldofxpilar, It is very flattering to see you around here.


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Again grateful for the support. <3 <3 <3