2nd contest "Steemit Weekly" - Book or movie review


Remember how we all were scared a little bit about the world's end which was supposed to happen on 2012.12.21 according to Mayans? The calendar made by Mayan civilization ends in 2012.12.21 and a rumor saying that it is because world will be destroyed on that day was spread so fast.


The movie "2012" came in 2009 with the heat of that news and became so popular. I watched the movie in 2010 with my family at home and let me tell you how great that movie was.

Now it has been 11 years since I watched it but I remember it really well. Jackson is a writer who has two children and lives alone as he and his wife are seperated. Wife has a new husband as well and she is the one who lives with children. And the movie is about how Jackson protects his family against all the natural disasters happen on 2012.12.21 which symbolize the world's end.


Can you imagine of surviving when all earthquake, sunami and meteorites come together? Impossible right? Movie shows beautifully how the earth cracks, bulding collapse and people run for life.

How disasters affect to all the continents of the world is shown in the movie and the thrill given through the collapsing of the statue of liberty and statue of Jesus in Brazil is awesome. This is a movie which is a must watch in 3D version so that you can feel that thrill.

Fortunately this Sci-Fi and action movie has a happy end. This family and many more people somehow are able to survive and I invite all of you to find how by watching it.


What will happen this movie become true? What will happen when the nature starts to reacts in a sudden to all the human acts?

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Thank you for this good post! I do love to chill out by watching the end of the world on the screen from time to time, so I loved 2012 movie ;)

yeah, me too. It was a great movie and I enjoyed it a lot. I would love to watch it again as well.🤗