Historical buildings contest || Minor Basilica by @padmore

Hello pals, I am very happy for this contest, it is going to let us know about some important indigenous places in the world even though we might not get the chance to see them physically. It is all about exploration of the earth and getting to know some historical buildings which we have never heard of.
My entry here is about a very historical structure which was built in the days of the old, it is one of the oldest churches in Ghana. The name of this building is known as Our Lady of Seven Sorrows Minor Basilica. This structure is located in Navrongo in the Upper East Region of Ghana, a Cathedral for the Navrongo- Bolgatanga dioceses. It is known to be the place where the Seat of the Pope is located when he comes to Upper East Region.



The building was put up in the year 1906 and later expanded in the year 1920 by the missionaries. The building was well built with gravels and plastered in the local way using coal tar and other materials. The building is very strong since it was built, after paining, it has not gone any renovation. It was dedicated on 2006 to be main home of the Pope.

It was also well decorated in the traditional way using using the local painting style, and the inner walls of the building are designed with animals and human sculptures. These designs were not just kept there for the sake of decoration but has a lot of stories behind them.



Sculptures on the pillars

Bishop Akanlu who was the first Bishop of the church, was the one behind the building of the church to it's up keeping, after his death, the remains of his body was buried inside the building.

Whole view of the building

Tomb of Akanlu

There are also stronger pillars inside, holding the building very firmly in and in position, prevent any natural disaster like collapse of the building.

Due to the small capacity of the church, only daily masses are organized there because it doesn't gather much congregation compared to the Sunday mass. The building is given to the Sunday School children and a new one is built to contain the congregation for Sunday mass.

Interior of the building

Many other countries had tried putting up a building of that kind, but anytime they build, it falls down, for that it is believed that the church was built spiritually contributing to the inability of people unable to build same type.
I invite all who have the interest of seeing and to want to know more about it, to come, for it is very interesting when the story is been told right in front of the building.
Thank you all, especially to @papi.mati for the this contest.
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