Thank you very much @papi.mati for this wonder and educative contest, as it will let people understand the difference between a vegetarian and a Rastafarian.
I wish to bring my best to this contest
Vegetarianism is the act of abstaining from
eating the flesh of animals or their products such as eggs or diary products. Abstainance from these products is usually based on religious, health, or personal reasons.
This act is usually practiced by a group of people known as Vegetarians. Vegetarians are careful with the kind of food they eat. The food they eat always is composed of either vegetables, fruits, or some by- products of animals, excluding the flesh.
They cook by themselves and they don't usually buy.
There are different types of Vegetarians;

  • Lacto-vegetarian: these are Vegetarians who eat dairy products but don't take the flesh of animals, fish or eggs.
  • Ovo-vegetarians: these type of Vegetarians eat only eggs, but exclude fish, meat, or milk
    *Ovo-lacto-vegetarians: they eat only eggs and milk but don't take the flesh of animals or fish.

It is always claimed that Rastafarians are Vegetarians, it can be seen that Rastafarians take almost all of these products of animals, and therefore cannot all be termed as Vegetarians. Hence, not all Rastafarians are Vegetarians.
Vegetarians prepare their food without any animal products, such as Maggie, or any food spice made of animals flesh or products. The main ingredients are usually from plants or the soil, such as salt, dawadawa, and some plants spice.

Below are some images of fruits usually eaten by Vegetarians

These are usually composed of citric acid which is responsible for fighting against wounds.

These also contain vitamins

Another vitamins source

Fruits for vegans

They also take vegetables which include, lettuce, pepper, tomatoes, garden eggs, cabbage, okro, and many others
They believe meat is only protein that gives body or weight, and they choose health over body so they go for vitamins, and other plants products.