1st edition of Steemit Weekly

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First edition of "Steemit Weekly" is ready

Please, remember that I am still learning how to do that kind of things. Next editions will definitely be better than this one as I'm going to talk with some journalist friends and ask for the feedback. Still, I believe it's quite impressive what we were able to make in a week.


Download it, then print or share the electronic version with friends. It's free to use.

Compressed version here

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Use it to share in social media, send to friends in electronic version or to download when your Internet connection is slow


Full-size version here

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Recommended to use if you are going to print the newspaper.


Contests results

It's time to announce the winners of nine contests organized by "Steemit Weekly" community last week.

I have to admit, that I am positively surprised. It was very difficult to choose the articles as most of the publications were on a very high level. Congratulation to everyone! I'm truly proud of you!

Best photo cover contest

Number of participants: 9
Winner: @wladimir.photo
Photos were stunning although the big issue was the quality. For the next edition I will recommend to publish the entry with external link to the photography of higher quality.

Traditional food

Number of participants: 17
Winner: @adityageorge (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @rosita-nkefor (5 STEEM) and @humblesoul (5 STEEM)

Tradition and rites
Number of participants: 5
@idken (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @willeusz (5 STEEM)

Venezuelan Festivals

Number of participants: 38
Winner: @beatrizleon57 (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @ivanpargas (5 STEEM)

Culture of Pakistan

Number of participants: 7
Winner: @saharsaqi (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @ahsanjawed (5 STEEM)

Bangladeshi Holidays

Number of participants: 7
Winner: @emranhasan (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @marziaa (5 STEEM)

Traditional dance and music

Number of participants: 4
Winner: @luimer79 (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @sammypoet (5 STEEM)

In "TravelFeed" there was not enough participants to make a contest. We received only one entry so I have decided to treat it like a part of "Tradition and rites" contest. Unfortunately, even though the article was interesting, it didn't win.

Best Invention from XXI-st century

Number of participants: 6
Winner: @wumpini5 (10 STEEM)
Extra reward: . @padmore (5 STEEM)

In total we received this week 91 entries! You made me very busy, but I'm glad I could read it all and learn so much about your wonderful cultures.

We distributed over 100 STEEM as the rewards!

All the winning articles can be read in the newspaper.

All the winning articles were checked against the plagiarism and were fully original, but I cannot say the same about some photos included in the publications. Remember that it's not enough to mark the source. All the photos has to be on CC licence. If they are with the copyrights, they cannot be used in the newspaper and, in fact, shouldn't be used on steemit at all.

I will prepare some guide with the information where to look for CC pictures in the nearest few days but first, let me sleep for a while because I didn't rest almost at all in the last few days :)



I am so happy. This is the first contest I've gotten a reward on in steemit since I joined. Thank you @papi.mati for this amazing contest. Looking forward to participating more in this communication 😊

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