2nd contest "Steemit Weekly" - Vegetarianism

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First number of "Steemit Weekly" behind us, so it's time to collect some articles to prepare another edition. This time the main theme is "Nature".

What to write about:

I encourage you to write the article about Vegetarianism.

You can share with us some vegetarian recipe or just describe your favourite vegetarian meal, adding some interesting facts about it.
If you prefer so, you can focus on Vegetarianism per se and write how does it affect our bodies or how does it help to fight with global warming. You can write about the Vegetarianism in your country or try to analyze it globally.

Finally, you could write about some selected vegetarian product, like avocado or banana - focus on it's values, impact on our bodies and maybe suggest how it could be used in the meal.

I'm very proud of your entries from the previous week so I am sure this time you will provide equally good content.

Rules of This Contest

🗞️ Give the up-vote and resteem this post
🗞️ Write a post related to Vegetarianism
🗞️ Post must be in English or Spanish
🗞️ Plagiarism is prohibited. All sources must be properly marked
🗞️ Post the link to article in the comment below
🗞️ If you add the photos, make sure it’s CC BY free licence or use photos which you made on your own. You can also publish the post without any photos.
🗞️ Post must be published in this community
🗞️ Include following text in your post: "I consent to the publication and distribution of my article in the electronic and paper versions of "Steemit Weekly"and in all social media."
🗞️ Add the tag #steemitweekly in the first three tags


Winner will receive 10 STEEM
Their post will be published in „Steemit Weekly” newspaper.

I might select extra one or more articles which will be rewarded with 5 STEEM and publication in "Steemit Weekly". It depends on the quality of the entries but more importantly, on the available space in the newspaper ("Steemit Weekly" is designed to have maximum 20 pages).

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Post Submission Deadline:

 25th of June 2021, 12.00 (GMT -3)

Announcement of the winners:

 27th of June 2021, 18:00 (GMT-3)

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Very nice contest. I want to be a part of this if l am free from my studies because I am very busy in my study due to exams. After exams I have to take part in every contest.

It would be really great if you could find some free time and participate. Good luck with your students!

Thank you so much.


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"I consent to the publication and distribution of my article in the electronic and paper versions of "Steemit Weekly"and in all social media."

Thank you!

Entry 3

When result will come

All the results will be announced on Sunday. That day we will also publish the new edition of "Steemit Weekly"