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Greetings to all bookworms from around the globe!

Several weeks have passed since the creation of Steem Library. The community is still in the shadows as very few people know about it. But we believe that soon we will be able to attract all the bookworms . Because a true bookworm cannot stay away from a Library. Right?

We expect you to resteem the posts and share about this community with your book lover friends because it's fun when a bunch of people talk about favorite characters and books. At least, we like such hearty conversations.

To increase the activity in the community, we have thought of an interesting idea.

We have decided to restart the daily challenge from now onwards.

Winner of yesterday' challenge - @muzz21

Link to Post


We are giving a theme to each day of the week. We have thought of seven general themes.


WednesdayScience Fiction#wednesday-sciencefiction
FridayHorror/Speculative Fiction#friday-horror

What to post?

You can post anything according to the theme like:

-Book review
-Story written by you (it can be short story or if its long you can make a series and post part by part every week)
-Favorite character from the genre
-Movie review (but it should be based on a book)

Daily challenge Rules:

We will select top three posts of the day which will follow the rules:

-Subscribe to Steem Library.
-Your post must be original.
-Images must be your own or royalty free.
-Plagiarism and cross posting are prohibited.
-Post must be between 300-500 words excluding markdown lines.
-Post must be according to the theme of the day.
-Drop the link of your post under the announcement post of the day.
-Resteem and Upvote the daily announcement post.
-Use the respected tags of the day as mentioned in above chart and also use your country tag.
-Engage on each others participation post.

Deadline and Duration

The challenge will renew daily with the announcement post and will end with the next announcement. The time will be approximately 24 hours.


As the community is not strong yet so the rewards are small. We aim to build up the steem power so that we can give you good vote support very soon.

We will choose one winner daily who will be rewarded with 3 steem.

All prizes will be distributed at the end of the week.

Follow @thesteemlibrary for contest and community updates.

Admin: @event-horizon
Moderator: @sanyazulfiqar

For updates and queries
Join us at Discord

 4 months ago 

Glad to see this contest is starting again ♥

 4 months ago 

Hi. This is my submission.

 4 months ago 


Can i participate today??.

No, the challenge has ended.

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