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Hi Steemit Team @steemcurator01, we have launched a contest on sharing your feedback on Steemit in early March 📢Contest announcement : Share your feedback and win upvote worth $50 plus 100 steem liquid and we have concluded the winners here in this post Winners of The Steemit Feedback Contest 🎉

There are several great suggestions from the community through this contest and some of them are mostly about improving the Steemit Markdown Editor, Referral Program for onboarding new users, more curation support and improving users' experience by incorporating several tools into Steemit interface without having to go to another site to do this process. Or I think Steemit should put the link of all the current tools that we have at steemitwallet page or other vacant space that is on our blog without looking cluttered.

Please check out the list of winners and their helpful suggestions at your convenience.
Your team may check other entries post through this tag too

We hope that your team would put all the suggestions into consideration and we Steemit Community members are looking forward to any great developments that is in progress and in the pipeline that will be materialized soon.
We would be glad if your team could share with us any development that is ongoing and will be implement soon too, or some sort of roadmap so we keep on getting excited for what will be coming for Steemit Community members.

Thank you for all of your team great work on growing and supporting all the communities in Steemit platform.

Steem on!


What a great contest, I really believe it will progress and develop, good luck always @cryptokannon

Hello @cryptokannon how are you hope you are happy. I've got a lot to learn from you And got a lot of knowledge from your post. I say that you continue to encourage us in this way so that we keep moving forward in steemit

Can you please check my achievement 2 task post i want big upvote from u @cryptokannon hope u helping us
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Hi @cryptokannon... I have chosen your post on "-Sharing The Feedback on Steemit contests entry posts-" for my daily re-steeming initiative - voting and commenting...
Let's keep working and supporting each other to grow Steemit.

Amazing way of helping us as well as motivating us to write quality posts. Will keep an eye on more tips from everyone to grow more here.

More power to you!

Great job, thank you. 🙏

I support your great advice to the Steemit team, I hope they will make it happen soon

my bad, I didn't know there was a contest about this. even though I've made a post on steemit feedback 3 days ago.

buenas amigos de la pagina de la plataforma steemit, soy nueva por este medio, espero que por este concurso aprenda de como se trabaja en esta pagina, gracias por la iniciativa @cryptokannon

My bad I missed it. Looking forward to your new contests if there were any.