There are different types of flower photography in our country

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Every day I wake up in the morning and wash my hands and face and go to work but today my body was very bad so today I went to the pond for a walk because I did not go to work and while walking around the pond I saw a beautiful flower so I liked seeing this flower. I took the picture

I like flowers very much but I can't plant them because I don't have space in my house so I take a picture wherever I see and put it on my mobile


After eating lunch and falling asleep, after eating lunch, after falling asleep. I go out for a walk in the afternoon. While walking around, I saw another flowering tree by the pond with my brother. I also liked that flower very much. And then I picked it up on my mobile.


At the end of the night I got ready to take pictures again because I like to take pictures but I don't have time but still I took time to go out to take pictures again I told my mother I will not go to work anymore

I wish I had a picture of flowers Mimma good scene I want to be a big photography so I go out every day to do photography

But my parents in my house say if you want to be a photographer like this you need a good camera but where can I get so much money they told me I will be able to fulfill my wish one day you must pray


After saying a lot, he agreed to go home. I am also very happy to hear that my wish may be fulfilled. I will try my best.

This is how I started to do photography. Gradually I started to do a lot of beautiful photography. My rabbi brother was with me. He also does very good photography and sometimes I learn from him.

I will continue to work exactly the way I am working and will work very patiently so that one day I will become a very good photographer. In your prayers you will surely see my desired mistake in forgiveness. Later new photography of your communities will appear again. Assalamu Alaikum


Beautiful pictures. You are good at taking quality pictures.

I will be very glad if you can provide your camera details

Thanks for sharing

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