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I hope that you all are fine and enjoying a great life. Here is my first post in this community. And I am feeling very pleasure while participating in this community. I want to share my this post and want to share this historical place

And I'm very happy to be a part of it and I thank them for us to showcase their talents.
Specially Thanks for @steemghana Community

Harappa Museum

Contest is about the famous place. And no doubt that HARAPPA Museums is Famous Historical place not only in PAKISTAN even that in other countries also. Yes you are thinking right. I am going to share historical and beautiful place in Harappa City that is names is HARAPPA MUSEUM. And I am vey excited to share with all of you amazing pics

First of all I want to tell you about Nine Yards tomb

Baba Noor Shah Wali has very long stories but I want to tell you something about him. His tomb has been here since ancient times. One of his famous stories is that he was martyred while fighting and fought without a neck for a long time. And I will also share with you a picture of this ring which is famous for the story that these were the rings of Baba Noor Shah Wali who came to steal. When the thief started stealing, it turned into stone.


Archaeological Equipment

I will now share with you some more pictures that will show you how they lived and what they ate and drank during the excavation. While excavating here in Harappa, very rare and very old things have been found during the excavations but now those things have been replaced from here. I think those God-made things are in the Lahore Museum




Now I want to share some other archeological sites pics. Being a girl I cant share my own pics. So I am going to share pics of just place



There was also a a place that is looking s mall forest . And we were went into deep place at evening time then it will look so terrible



I love flowers. And where I go if there is flower I definitely captured pics of that flowers. I hop that you all love flowers. I want to share some beautiful flowers


I also want to share a pic of structure that when kids saw this they got fear from this structure


I hope that you will like my post and also this historical place

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Regards: @arinaz08


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Thanks for this appreciation

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I think your place of visit is similar to one special place too but it’s just that I have forgotten it name m.
But all the same you place of attraction is beautiful and I will love to visit there oneday.

Thanks for participating.

Yes its HARAPPA MUSEUM. And you can visit any time when you want. Most welcome. And bundle of thanks