My Entry to Show Your Art or Craft Contest

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Hello Everyone,

I am glad to participate in the art and craft making contest by @oppongk.

I am a rookie when it comes to photoshopping, regardless I want to show the world my little experience on Photoshop Glow Effect.

Glow Effect.png

Final Product


  • Open the picture in the editor

    Screenshot (79).png

  • Select parts you wish to highlight and cut them out into a separate layer.
  • Apply Gaussian Blur(Filter) to the obtained layers and change the effect to Linear Dodge
  • Repeat the procedure for different blurring quantities to bring out the glow.
    Screenshot (81).png

  • Open Color Lookup adjustment layer
  • Select NightFormDay.CUBE
  • Add Brightness/Contrast effect and increase the contrast to achieve a slightly darker space.
    Screenshot (84).png

  • Select the brush tool with "soft round" and reduce the flow below 50.
  • Draw your glow patterns on the Colour Link Layer
    Screenshot (87).png

  • You can add different layers and work on different glow patterns
  • Apply Outer Glow to the layers of your choice
    Screenshot (88).png

  • Adjust the Opacity to suit your choice.
    Screenshot (90).png

I tried to explain the steps as simply as I can. You can always find a tutorial online to help guide you if you wish to do the same.

Thank you for your attention

 4 months ago 

Great art work, my pleasure 😁 bro. Thanks so much for taken part in this contest.

 4 months ago 

Thank you

My name is Ola. I want to invite you to a contest You can also join the telegram channel

Great work done and thanks for showing us the method you used.