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Before you can promote something to be able to increase price, we must first know what that particular thing entails.

Steem coin

Steem coin is the cryptocurrency of Steemit one of the social media platforms that allows users to share their content and get rewarded.

It also rewards its users with cryptocurrencies so, instead of posting to social media, such as Facebook that does not pay unless advertisement and etc, you can use this medium and even get paid for it.

We can talk about the Steem, Steem dollar and Steem power. Steem coin is created everyday and it's dividend is divided between the curators and authors.

Steem can be converted to SBD or Steem Power is more is created everyday and it is not stable all the time.


Steem dollar is mostly stable as compared to Steem and it is equivalent or almost equivalent to the US dollar. You can cash out your SBD by exchanging your SBD to Steem or Bitcoin.


Steem Power (SP), the third crypto on the Steemit network, is a token that shows how much of an influence you have on the Steemit platform. The more SP you have, the more power you have.

When @oppongk came to teach me about how to trade your Steem coin


So, holding Steemit Power gives weight to your votes. For example, if a post receives a vote from a user who holds 300 SP then it is 10 times more influential than a vote from someone who holds only 10 SP.

Steem Power is considered a long-term investment

It is a very important aspect of the Steemit platform because compensation is directly related to it. A post or comment will receive more compensation when upvoted by some with more power (SPs).

In fact, you cannot vote at all if you don’t have any Steem Power. Your power is your life line on this platform.


I believe steemit was created so we can hang out with people across the world and share ideas and get rewarded but the idea of content sharing is now driven with monetary motive so people don't fish out for good content, others will go through dubious ways to get up votes

So if we want to promote Steem and get price to increase, we should create quality content by fishing out beautiful post and reward them accordingly. Originality of the content and how that particular piece is going to impact on the life's of individual on steemit and the world at large.

Trying to be influencial rather than cash out our Steem should also be something we should look at. I'm not saying cashing out isn't good but who should build power to vote you for you to cash. If we all cash out, there would be no SP to vote one another. Saving our Steem power is also a long term investment. For example, SBD mostly is stable and rises bit by bit as the days goes by unlike Steem which isn't stable. Steem can be converted to SP or maybe SBD when price of Steem falls. This will expand the network, increase investment and in the long run increase price.

Avoiding plagiarism is also an easy way to increase price. Most often original content don't get recognition. This distracts people to get involve.

We can also do investment on steemit by trading our rewards on Bitcoin, TRX and any other cryptocurrency networks to increase our price and influence on Steem.

@oppongk and @delakloe


Changing the world and influencing each other through our Posts and comments should be our motive. Thanks to my creater and owner of Steem for this great opportunity given to all of us to make our voices heard.


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