The Top Five Things I've Learnt Over The Past Five-Ten Years

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The Last Ten Years

Good morning fellow steemanians. I am finding it extremely difficult to catch some zzz deep into the night. I woke up around 1:30am and couldn't sleep anymore. I had a lot of thing going through my mind.

Dela Kloe


I examine my life for the last few years. How my life has become after my dad visited the village. In the Akan language when someone visits the village, it means the passing away of that person. There has been ups and downs during these past few years. No one is to be blamed when misfortunes befalls a man. The man who is already down doesn't fear falling. You only get defeated when you are not able to get your ass back up when you are down.

These were some of the words from him before his death. Life indeed is the best teacher and the best student in life is the one who See's challenges in life as a learning process. These processes, when you look at it critically tries to modify you and make your future endeavors great. There is always something good out of every bad situation. That is what a good Students finds in life when faced with difficulties.

  • In the last ten years I have learnt to be independent and not to depend on people for my survival. In the early stages of my life, I had a dad who will do anything humanly possible for his children to succeed. I remember when the food in the house was too small, he will allow us to eat while he starve. I remember asking him how he's going to fund our education when he goes on pension and he responded that " if he has no money to build a house, what he can promise is the money for our education". You know bad situations happens consistently and if you aren't that strong you will burst. When he died for 4years, I stayed bat home after Senior High School. It was like the earth had swallow every good thing in our lives. The death cert to be used to claim his entitlement as a public servant got missing. His junior brother who I thought was going to fill his shoes also lost his job in the space of two month after his death.
    Wow no one had an idea about what was going on. While wondering with my life, I have learnt not to depend on people. Whether my parents or wife or my children. These people can leave you when you need them most in life either through death which is inevitable or through life issues.


  • The second thing I have learnt is to put your destiny into your own hands. In these past 10years, I realized we can not use death as an excuse to fail in life. We cannot use misfortunes as an option to make our lives a living hell for ourselves and others. I left my uncle's house in Accra when he lost his job and was also trying to feed his own family. He had money more than my dad but after my dad's death, it was like he took everything away. I was able to secure admission into tertiary through God and my little interaction with good friends of mine. Building strong connection and living a peaceful life with colleagues did the trick for me. All my friends who were ahead of me wanted to help me because of the relationship I had with them. They contributed what they could so I could pay for my admission fees. No situation can distort your shine, unless you give up. When you feel like giving up, always feel 6:00 happens twice in a day. One for sun set and another for sunrise.

*I have also learnt to appreciate the little things I have in my life. They really count but sometimes we overlook these things. My dad made us understand how to survive when he is not there. When food is there, you can eat as much as you want and if food is not there, the little you have, you have to make do with it. That was how I used to survive. Sometimes, you eat in the morning, drink water in between till supper. Sometimes, you don't eat in the morning and afternoon but eat heavy in the evening. Odd days too, you don't eat at all but pretend to be fasting. Though I ain't rich but I can eat three square meals today .

This is how I have struggled to make our lives better. My junior sister too has become a teacher and she's comfortable now. Hmm it's well.

The Last Five Years
  • From the last five years, things have returned to normalcy. Stability in life is great but small small problems here and there but this is normal in human life. I have learnt to accept that family union and bond is better. In all these past years, people who never left me was my mum and my junior sister. They supported and gave me words of HOPE especially my mum. Wow, she can do anything for me.

Mum Visit A Friend


Some stopped buying new clothes and other basic needs just to push her children to the top. Family is family but true family will never forsake you in real trouble.

  • Last but not least, I have learnt that HOPE is there. Hope is the believe you have that, something better well happen even when the chances are bleak. I never get discouraged or worried anymore when faced with challenges. I know they are temporal and there is the Hope that, things will change. I always try to be positive and don't allow life challenges to put me down. I burn out sometimes trying to find ways for myself but where my knowledge and strength can take me, I then try to seek for help from above and friends.

  • I also try to live a peaceful and low life with people. We are going, heaven knows where we are going. It will be hard and the road will be rough but we know we will get there. These are the small lyrics of one of Ghanaians all time best musical group. I know we will all there there fellow steemanians. Our reason for blogging and writing will be fruitful. The aim for building this site will surely materialize. That's the Hope I have.

God bless you for reading and commenting. Stay safe till we meet again.