There Is No Cut One In Steem

in Steem Ghana6 months ago
A happy new month and I officially welcome you all the month of August and I must attest to the fact that July was for me especially.

I wanted to be the first person to wish everyone out a happy new month and the way this year is running, I think something interesting is about to happen and I pray something tangible.

I just woke this morning and I saw my elder brother lamenting how one game cut his ticket and I can vividly well, is the person that always tells me if the game wants to play, is not by too much prayer.

Then my mind went back to steem and its upvote. You will write and post daily but still yet, no upvote to show for. One thing you must understand as a steemian is that upvote is not by too much prayer if you post and embark on fast if at the end of 7 days nothing to show for, doesn't make you relent or slow down because you write a very nice and creative post but on the short run, $0.00 but the one you write with a free mind and boom, you will see something like $11.10 and you begin to smile sheepishly but that is steem for you. The smallest in terms of the very creative and unique post will fetch you the upvote you want but there some days, you will stay from morning to night just to make one post but no upvote for you.


What I am trying to say in essence is that most times in life, our little effort each day can bring us huge success here. As I was told that little drop of water can make an ocean. So my advice for everyone as a steemian is that you should not relax but be active be you will never which odd will play for you either a big pointer or the small one but it all starts from conception and not by too many prayers.



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