Diary Game||An Encounter With a Friend(1st/7/2021) by @governor1

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It was a great day with mr President from the school of computer science CKT-UTAS.

Today is a special day in the history of the faculty this because is their week celebration and they have decided to offer free photoshop to their members.
Even though I’m not a member but i used him a opportunity to take pictures with him and my friends.
He is a guy with integrity and loyalty as a president of the school of computer science.

He work hard to move the department to the high level and he is fun of programming.

They Cherish the guy a lot because of his dignity and kindness.

And this is what I can say about him
You're more entertaining than anyone or anything I've ever encountered, including bubble wrap
You are the most ideal version of yourself.
You are sufficient.
You're one of the most powerful people I've ever met

You're looking fantastic today.

You have the most beautiful smile.
Your perspective on life is inspiring.
You've simply illuminated the space

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A programmer is not defined by the language they write in. They are defined by their ability to understand and translate real-world tasks into the steps that a computer can use to mimic the real-world. Choice of language is like an artist's choice of brush or a plumber's choice of wrench. The language is a tool and some tools are better at doing some things than other. The mental process of translation from real-world to computer simulation is pretty. There are those that want to be a programmer that think that they can just learn it. I have seen this many times. They make poor programmers. I, myself, would love to learn to play the piano. I might be successful, with work and practice, to learn to play. But it would me a mechanical thing; not music. I do not have the aptitude to be a musician
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It was a great day. Thanks for visiting my post
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 5 months ago 

You both look great

THanks so much

 5 months ago 

A programmer always gets to create amazing softwares for our benefit.

Great pics buddy. Many thanks.

That’ the real fact bro Andy thanks again

Hi, @governor1,

Your post has been supported by @nattybongo from the Steem Greeter Team.

Thanks so much I’m forever grateful

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YOu have received catch-up vote for your achievement 2, 3 and 4 tasks

Thanks for your time and do well to complete achievement tasks accordingly

Thanks and I do my best to complete the achievement tasks

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