My town in 10 pics. A short transit in Dwomo, Inchaban-Sekondi, Ghana

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Hello wonderful steemians,

Here are photos I took while I was in Dwomo which is in Inchaban, Sekondi, Ghana -when I visited for a short time to wait for my uncle. This community is located on a hilltop and i has a really beautiful view of the surrounding green forest Areas.

Bricks factory just on the junction to the town

Entering Dwomo, Road

Random house along the road

Kindergarten block

Dwomo Methodist Primary and JHS School

Welding shop just opposite the school

apostolic church sign board

From this location onward, the network reception was very bad so I couldn't use the locator

*just about entering the heart of the community.

here is a photo of the community center

It might have been a market day


Is the community center meant for selling of goods?

I am not sure. They where selling outside the center whiles some community members where dokng eye test

Beautiful green sceneries. Reminds me of my home town 🏡

Its a beautiful thing to remember

Indeed it is 😉

Is the community center meant for selling of goods?

 23 days ago 

Pretty photos

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