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Hello Steemians, I'm so overwhelmed to be able to participate in this contest. I do hope you enjoy my entry. This is a narration of an excursion I've undertaken to some of the historic places in the country.
There's nothing more refreshing than the joy of travelling places of immense beauty and historic pasts. This is a day I'll forever remember. It is one of the many highlight memories of my life and that's for sure. The day was like no other. We were on an excursion to some of the most beautiful places in the country.

The excursion was to go places including the Mole National Park, Larabanga Mosque, and the mistery rock.

This trip was organized by the school for my college students. The day started very well.
I woke up so early in anticipation of a lovely trip. We took off at around 8am in the morning. It took us about 4hours before we reached our first destination. The bus was filled with so much fun and conversation.

The first we reached was the Mole National Park. This was so special because it was my first time there. I've always heard stories of it and the range of wild animals that lived in the area. For formalities, we were led by a tour guide through the woods in a bus and on foot at some points.
Unfortunately, the season was not a great time to visit the park because most of the animals had travelled to far places. However, there were still some amazing wildlings available.

While surfing in the bus, the first animals we saw through it's windows were some flocks of deers and bushpigs.
Oh should have seen my body as I became pale from excitement. All this while I've only seen pictures of them in books and the television. They looked so satisfying to watch.

After a few kilometers drive into the forest, we finally got on foot near a small river within the park. Here, we saw the almighty elephants of the jungle. When I close my eyes, I can still picture how gigantic they were even though they were quite a distance from us. Seeing this, I could only praise God for such beautiful creation. Besides this, I have always thanked God for creating so many beautiful women. Women such that a single glance at them would calm you down even more than any powerful painkiller. Now, I have two creatures to thank God for...haha.


I couldn't resist to take pictures with these animals even though they were at the other side of the river. Gracious heavens they were large!!

After the park, our next stop was at the Larabanga Mosque, which is believed to be one of the first few mosques to be built in the Subsaharan Africa. The history about this mosque is that when it was being built, whenever the builders built to a certain level and came back the following day to continue, the level of the wall was higher than the way they left it the previous day. It has been there since the colonial ages, even though it's made only of mud and clay.


Below is a picture from our third destination. The mistery rock we call it. This rock has an interesting story to it's existence too. It narrates that this rock is so magical, such that when the village's main road was to be formed, it layed in it's path. And so the men would throw it away, only to realize it came back to the same position the following day.

All in all, I really enjoyed the day's activities and I'm glad I spent it with my friends. I hope to do this more often. @rubilu123 I urge you to try it too. It's lovely🥰

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Well going for excursions to always seemed fascinating.
It always excites me but unfortunately it always been a fantasy.

I really enjoyed your tour through excursion, all I could do was smile while reading your entry.

Thanks for participating.

thank you very should try and do some excursions for yourself. You deserve it

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Yep I think I have to do that

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Through the pictures I see y’all enjoyed your day

yes @roma078...the day was a memorable one. I will never forget

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nice pictures from your end

thanks much

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Thanks for your participation in this Contest.