An Advice To The Youth - True Satisfaction Is Appreciating And Being Content With What You Have

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Most atimes we start to be like people and want they have and this makes us unfulfilled and we try means which are not worthy just to be like these people. Not being content with what you have has so many negative effects and it end result is a sad and fake life.


Appreciating and being content with what you have is true satisfaction because you tend to be happy always regardless because you know what you have and you live according to your means.Many have led thema loves into a worthless and unfulfilled life just because they were just not content with what they have. We hear in news about people indulging in crimes of all kinds, money rituals, prostituting and even to the extent of commiting suicide just because they wanted what someone has and they could not afford it so they will go to every extent to get these things.



I personally respect those who live according to their means,it will surprise you to know that those you want to be like just because they showcase big things on social media so not have the peace you have and are yearning to be in the place you are now.

What are the negative effects of not being content?

° It can cause you to live a life that is not acceptable and does not match the standards of society such as money rituals, arm robbery, deceiving people, prostituting among others. Most of the people, though not in all cases who endulge in these bad habits are as a result of not being appreciative and being content with what we have. You will be so much happy if you accept who you are and what you have.


° It can cause you to live a fake life: Do not be deceived, some people who flaunt on social media are actually living fake lives. Some don't even have what the exhibit. So why do you want to be like them then? Being great is not a crime but what is the motivation behind that. Strive to be great but in doing that be content with what you have and stop living the fake life.

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° It can lead to suicide: You know one thing about not being content is that it sometimes makes you depressed and sad. You always want to have what you can't afford. Sadness and depress soon at the end can lead you to cause suicide. Aside that when people find out about your fake life and then you can't comprehend the shame sometimes some people kill themselves.


Appreciate what you have, be content and love yourself


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Contentment is really everything. Thanks for sharing

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You are welcome.. kindly so some error check on your comment

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Be Happy with what you have now and more will surely come, contentment is crucial to growth

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Well said

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Self acceptance is key. Sometimes you must aspire for more to be able to get to the top

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Yh o

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Really true, we need to be happy with what God has granted us with. Nice post!

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Well said. Thanks