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The day did not start as i planned it but it did end been fairly a good day. Why am i saying this? Because the alarms i had set for the weekends when i had to attend the funeral and church service apparently was set for everyday and so when i was expecting to wake up somewhere close to 7am to prepare and leave for work i ended up been woke up at 5:30am when my alarm started making its noise. I could not sleep anymore and so i made good use of the opportunity to prepare breakfast before leaving the house today which is not something i normally do on Mondays. I am thinking of making this a routine looking at how beneficial it was to me today.


Arriving at work

And so i left the house somewhere around 8am, there was lots of people at the station where i was to take a car to town, apparently cars weren't coming and making looked agitated since they were running late for work. Thankfully before long a troski came to pick some away and the next one that came i got a space in it. I had to alight at sofoline before taking one to my final destination though, irrespective i reached the work place by 9am and proceeded to setup whiles waiting for patients to come.


Breakfast before work

Not many patients came today and so i had some spare time on my hands unfortunately for me i had decided not to take the laptop to work today because i wanted absolute focus and here i was with lots time on my hands and so i ended up playing call of duty to pass time. Then when it was somewhere 1pm i got the receptionist to help me secure my lunch which was rice and malta guiness. I saw to some few patients afterwards and played Call of Duty the rest of the time, i closed earlier today at 4:30pm because i was getting too bored and it was already close to closing.


Lunch Break

I got home at 6pm and was served with my lunch which was rice again, i was like arrgh but then i had to eat anyway, i watched young sheldon season 4 episode 3 whiles eating, young sheldon has now graduated valedictorian and is about to head to college, as young as he is he is worried about not been able to sit through long lecture hours without visit bathroom lots of times and so he has to learn to ride the bicycle so he can move quickly. It is as funny as it gets. After the episode i went to our whatsapp group where we had votes on choosing our logos and banners and making plans for our meetup soon, then i sent some emails to my supervisor and now i am here writing my dairy.


Supper, more rice

I intend to spend the rest of night working though, project, downloads etc, anyway thanks for reading and have a great week.


Greetings @nattybongo, as the subject of your message dated November 23 says "Clinical Monday". A working day, although few patients, but relaxed with the games you use on your computer. Most of the images in the post focus on the various food dishes that you savored and most have to do with rice. I hope you enjoyed. I wish you happy day, friend.

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I agree @elpastor. The title was misleading.

Greetings @steemcurator02. Thank you for your valuable comment on the November 23 post "Clinical Monday" by user @nattybongo.

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I did enjoy and i am glad you read, thanks for the directives too

I did enjoy and
I am glad you read, thanks for
The directives too

                 - nattybongo

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Greetings @nattybongo. Thank you for having enjoyed the comment made to your publication with the best intention of motivating us to comment on the blogs of other users of "The Diary Game" in order to provide our best contributions to the quality of work performed by each participant. Happy day and night.

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Greetings to you @nattybongo, it is always good to set alarm to the time you have a task to achieve so that the time will not beat you. Most of your diaries today focus on dishes, i hope it really made your day? But all the same, we can't leave without food. We need to eat in other to gain energy for work.

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I think that @nattybongo needs to give more details.

For instance the dishes have no descriptive caption above. We can see it's rice, but it's been prepared differently.

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Certainly, thanks for the directives

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