My town in 10 pics :20/02/2021.Business Center of Kumasi

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Kumasi is the second capital city of Ghana in the Ashanti Region, It’s known as a center for Ashanti Business and culture.

Colonial clock at the center of Kumasi(Adum)

It has a huge market place called Kejetia market which has everything to buy inside the market from food stuff,clothing and other services.

Kejetia market

Inside the Kejetia market

Sewing section inside Kejetia market

Clothing section

Catering section

Bus station in the Kejetia market

Adum is the center of Kumasi where all the big monument of architectural structures are, from colonial structures to modern structures.In the other hand there is a National Cultural Centre that offers craft workshops and dance performances. It includes the Prempeh II Jubilee Museum, which displays jewelry and ceremonial clothing.

Bank of Ghana

Central post Office

Yesterday morning around 9:45 am I was at Kejetia market trying to find some thing to buy which I couldn’t find my taste but I then moved from Kejetia and
went further to Adum and saw Bank of Bank building,Central post office and other business buildings
Exactly 12:00pm,I was at my favorite shop to buy a beautiful Italy shoe for a friend upcoming wedding.

Italy shoes from Kapaching Venture


Great to see lots of things found here in Kumasi: shoes sale point, cars, ladies dress and whole lot of beautiful things.

You have really done very good job here by using #what3words and detailed captions of every pic.

Thanks for sharing with us. My pleasure 😬

My pleasure and more to come

Thank you so much for your immediate responds on my post.Gods bless you all shalom!

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