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RE: What Budget Would It Be Enough For Our Meet Up? A Proposal For Help From Steem Philanthropists

in Steem Ghana8 months ago

We would love to reach out many people in Ghana, bring them to Steem. Through this unifying we hope to bring back the old Steemians. We wish to invite our funs here in Steem for support of our meet up and our @steem-ghana Community. We therefore stand firm on our decision to host this meet up.

Many thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 for the opportunity given us to connect with our funs here in Ghana. We also thanks our support team in this Community who are working tirelessly to bring much love into the Community. 😀

 8 months ago 

Thank you for this post @oppongk, great initiative.

We really need all hands on deck for this meetup so that we can spread our wings and bring as many people on board as we can. Right now we have received positive response from the community which is a good sign👍.

I'm glad we unanimously agreed to the 19th December. Aside the elections people who are coming home for Christmas would have arrived as well 😀.

We are making solid progress here @oppongk, I am optimistic about the success of this meet up 😋.

 8 months ago 

Thanks so much @njaywan, I must say by great support from you that we are seeing what we see today. My pleasure having you in our Team.🥰🤩👍

 8 months ago 

Happy to be a part of it. 😎

Good plans.

It might be worth trying a small, low cost meetup first to get to know everyone.

Then plan a bigger event in the new year which will give more time to raise the money through post earnings.

That would be better than you having to power down.

Maybe invite people in the Steem Ghana community to set a 10% beneficiary on their posts to go to the @steem-ghana account to raise funds for the event.

Some are doing that in the Best of India community.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 8 months ago 

I believe this great suggestion will sit well with most of our steemians @steemcurator01, as we are keen on having this event.

We will inform our community members about the inclusion of @steem-ghana as a 10% beneficiary to their rewards and provide a guide in doing so.

This will contribute to our community's steem power and we can also obtain our liquid SBD from the few that are set to 50/50 to help the event.

Thank you for your generous reward and advise @steemcurator01, we are grateful 😊🙏.

Maybe make a Community Badge for those contributing so we can see that when we are voting on posts in your community....

 8 months ago (edited)

Alright @steemcurator01, we will use something simple such as "@steem-ghana donor" or sponsor to identify our contributors.

Thank you once again 🙏.

 8 months ago 

Good ideas and support @steemcurator01. Initially we were planning to cut down cost in this meet up. Since it came quick for us to meet. Actually during Xmas there is already high expenses we normally incur. The Covid 19 also affected our finances. So we didn't want to levy anybody on this program.

It really sound good for this suggestions made. We are still soliciting for ideas to make things very simple, yet effective meetup. We will then discuss with members as you have adduced here to rather raise money for future meetups. This has given us a great opportunity to plan well.

Of course, powering down is not easy since it could affect curation on the Community. My pleasure for this suggestions. The committee would go to the drawing table again to reconsider certain things before the Meetup comes off.