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Greeting guys,

The last contest I announced the last time was a great success and we had a lot of people show interest in the contest.

So today I am here to announce another contest.
This contest is telling us about about famous place you have visited before.

As a kid I was interested in going for excursions all the time but I never went for one so it's always fascinating when u hear people have gone or are going for an excursion.
So today I want to hear about the experience you had at an excursion you went for or tell us about a famous place your visited.
Since this is a contest about a place you have been to before, we will need pictures as proof; not pictures from the Internet but pictures you took when you went for the excursion.


  • Anyone can participate in the contest.

  • Entry should be posted in the Steem-Ghana community.

  • Please avoid plagiarism

  • A minimum of 150 words.

  • For now only English is accepted.

  • Please leave your entry link under this post.

  • Please use tags #contest #ghana #ghcontest #famousplaces

  • This requires pictures of your own and make sure to mention me @rubilu123 in your post so that I can find it easily


  • First place-10 steem
  • Secod place- 7 steem
  • Third place- 5 steem
  • Fourth place-3 steem

An amount of steem will be sent to all participants


Payout of this post and winners will be announced the next day.

Have fun and be creative.

Thank you.


Going to participate soon

 24 days ago 

Ok buddy I await your post😊

 28 days ago 

I got some nice places I have visited, will try to participate

Great contest

 28 days ago 

Thats great then, I look forward to your participation budyy☺

 28 days ago 

great contest,,,but will the winners be based on the kind of places visited

 28 days ago 

Not necessarily the kind of place visited, but the creativity of the author

 28 days ago 

ooh okay that's good

 27 days ago 

A very wonderful contest. Thanks for sharing

 27 days ago 

Thanks buddy😊.

Another great contest
I sure am participating 🤩

 27 days ago 

Thanks buddy m.
I anticipate your entry😊

Posting soonest
Done writing already 😃

 25 days ago 

Great contest!

My entry

 25 days ago 

Entry confirmed✌️

 25 days ago 

Great Contest, looking forward to great entries

Great contest

 25 days ago 

Thanks buddy👍

Pls what off, if you have ever been there before and by then there was no phone available or no pictures where taking?

 24 days ago 

The primary aim of the contest is to prove that you really went there.
Without pictures you can’t prove that you were ther e.

Amazing....please this is the link to my entry for the contest:
CONTEST!!!: Tell Us About A Famous Place You've Visited Before by @jaja2

 28 days ago 

Entry confirmed.

This is wonderful love the idea love the creativity, took some time to go through the previous entries and i must say i am thrilled by the skills you guys put when writing , this is good and this is blogging


 22 days ago 

Entry confirmed.

Here is my Entry:

Tell Us About A Famous Place You Have Visited Before|| HARAPPA MUSEUM || by @arinaz08

Being a girl I don't want to share my own pics