The Dairy Game: 06/05/2021 My Thursday Activity (Better life on steemit)

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Hello fellow steemian, i am @sagacious-yas and I want to share with you my Thursday Activity.

When I wake up from my bed.I prayed for a minute After my prayer I went to washroom to eased myself.I went to farm to down some maize

When I returned from farm I went for my bath and dressed for school.

When I got to school I took my breakfast together with my colleagues teachers.

After my breakfast I together with my colleagues teachers were in our staff common room(under the tree)conversing
In the afternoon I went to class to teach

After teaching I went to the district education office to make some corrections on form three's registration list
When I returned from education office the was closed for the day.on my way back home from school I passed through the market to buy some staffs in the market

In the evening I went back to the market to assist my mother to convey her belongings from the market to Nsuta lorry park.
After this i came back home.I listened to evening news on radio station
in my room.And that was for my day.


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