The famous place I have visited before.

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Hello,my name is Mohammed Awal,I am someone who doesn't travel, but my first one was our school excursion to Mole national Park, from there I fell interest in traveling, going to the was excited, imagine seeing elephant,deer and other animals, but something happened to me which I don't pray that to happen to me again, because on your first excursion,I was having 6gh in my pocket.On our way I spent 4gh on king cracker and bottle drink,hmmm,it was left with 2gh,we arrived there with 2gh in my pocket,I was even wearing slippers, and they told me that I can't wear it into the forest, that I should pay 2gh for footwear, I gave my 2gh out,on the way I drank the drink and biscuit I used the 4gh for,we went inside and took our pictures,I thought we would've get home early, not knowing we are going Latibanga mosque,I was a new comer in that school,so then I know no one in the bus, everyone was enjoying their food on our way back,I was even looking for water to drink, but I was shy to ask, even the one I was seating beside did not even bother to share with me, but time we were getting near back at home,he then gave me cheese which I took and the I feel more tasty,hmm.We arrived in the evening,the time I just stepped down of the bus,I did not even bother to talk to anyone though I don't friends with me,so quickly start walking to my house.From this experience, I can never forget that day in my life.

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Thanks for participating in the contest, nice places you visited there but please try to follow all the rules of a contest for your participation to be more worthy.
I wanted you to add the picture you took when you went to those places as you said.

Sorry that time I wasn't using phone, someone uses his for that pictures.