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Hello steemit ghana, I am with you @sarkodieeric1 and greet everyone

Today was a very wonderful day with the help of @opponk Ghana Country rep and with the help of some members of @steem-ghana, have started an initiative to recruit member to in other to increase the number of steemians in Ghana. This Campaign was initiated by @stephenkendal and @steemitblog in other to spread all over the world. We just started our steem-promo in Sekyere Central Capital called Nsuta in Ashanti Region Ghana. We started our mass recruitment campaign journey this week at Nsutaman Catholic Senior High School. And we recruited some of the staff members of the school and because of time these are the people we recruited today @doctorpaddy,@Safianu and @oboloyaw and are still hoping for more. some of them said they don't understand what is.

Today around 12:45pm we were at Nsutaman Catholic Senior High School at Nsuta Sekyere Central in Ashanti Region of Ghana


@oppongk was speaking to some of the newbies


Some of the the registered newbies we recruited today


At the time @oppongk was signing up some newbies



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It was indeed such a great moments sharing with Newbies and getting them onboarded on Steem. That was great joy for me.

Thanks for being part in this meet up and guiding Newbies

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I am looking at how we can get into the student body to share with them steemit. They are those that will assist us in promo work. Thanks for your participation in promoting steemit.

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