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Hello great people of this community. It a pleasure to be given the mantle to host another contest in the Steem-ghana community. I’ll be glad to see your responses. Have a great time

This particular contest is geared towards the Ghanaian culture. There are so many and different types of ethnic groups whom all have got different cultural practices. I would like to see participants being able to narrate to us some of this cultural practices we have in ghana. Narrate vividly the motive of this cultural practices.

  • This Contest is open to only people in the Ghanaian community.

  • Write at least 300 words with pictures to make it interesting and attractive.

  • Creativity will be the key factor considered here.

  • Be sure to post your entry in the Steem-Ghana Community.

  • Use #ghcontest #ghanaianculture and also your country tag. Try to mention me @silencewan for easy allocation of your post.

  • Contest Runs till 3nd October 2021 at 12 GMT.

Prize Pool

1st prize- 10 Steem

2nd prize- 7 Steem

3rd prize- 5 Steem

4th prize- 3 Steem

5th prize- 1 Steem

NB…There will be Steem for all authors upon entry. Winners neglected.

 21 days ago 

Great contest buddy and we will look to invite as manny participants as possible to take part in this beautiful contest.

 21 days ago 

Thank you @rubilu123. It’s always nice to explore. I guess this channel would give us the hat chance. I do hope to see beautiful entries as well

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 15 days ago 

Thanks for featuring my contest in your contest alerts. I’m highly honored and glad it met your demands.

Oh.. you are welcome @silencewan

Great contest, I will be sending in my entries soon. Thanks for holding this contest

 21 days ago 

Thanks. I’ll be expecting your entry.

 21 days ago 

Great Contest, we would love to see many people joining this great Contest to share with their their culture.

 21 days ago 

Thank you. Can’t wait to see those nice entries

Beautiful..count me in. I can't wait to share some amazing Ghanaian cultural practices in this community

 21 days ago 

I can’t wait to see your submission

We can't live without the culture. This is a very interesting contest. Hope to learn more from the entries

Great contest. Sure be part of it

 21 days ago 

I can’t wait

Good one 🤩

 21 days ago 

Thank you

nice contest to all ghaanian steamians. thank you for coming up with that amazing contest

You have been curated by @nattybongo, a country representative (Ghana). We are curating using the steemcurator04 curator account to support steemians in Africa.

Keep creating good content on Steemit.

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 21 days ago 

This is a great and marvelous one. Culture is a way of life and everyone has one.
I'm surely submitting my entry 👍

 21 days ago 

I’m expecting to see it. I wanna see your side of experience.

Soon participating
Thanks @silencewan

 17 days ago (edited)

Hello @silencewan,
Here is my entry

Wow , this is massive, with the diverse cultures in Ghana 😂

What will I even write on?
This is great , thanks for the contest, I hope I make my entry soon

 17 days ago 

I am looking forward to seeing it

 17 days ago 

Great contest, posting me entry before the day ends👍🏽

 17 days ago 

I look forward to seeing it.

Hello @silencewan,

This is my entry to the contest Entry. Thank you

 20 days ago 

N8ce contest bro