Community of the Month Support Program Application

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Greetings Steemit Team,

We the leaders of @steem-ghana community are by this post putting in our application for the community of the month support program. We are humbled by the love and support we have received since the inception of our community on the blockchain and we believe that once given the opportunity through this application we can do more.

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Community Purpose

Steem Ghana is the official community for Ghanaian steemians. It was set up to create a safe space for our countrymen to share their articles, connect and help us get to know each other well.

It also helps us country reps to better follow the posts of our Ghanaian steemians so that we can render assistance where possible. Community updates, meetups, activities, and events are also better prepared and can be pinned in the community for our members as well.

Our community is unique as it is the only Ghanaian-based community on steemit.

We urge all Ghanaian steemians to join us in our community since we can keep track of our members, guide them, and provide relevant assistance to support them. They will also get to know what is happening among steemians in Ghana once they join us.

Community Team

Our community is currently being run by the 3 country reps of Ghana namely; @njaywan, @oppongk, and @nattybongo. We are all from Ghana and the posts we get are primarily English-based ones. We don't prevent people from other communities from posting here so we sometimes get posts in other languages too.

In our community, we don't offer steem rewards for individual team members. We focus on growing together and see the generous upvotes we get from @steemcurator01 as a good compensation for our efforts.

Our keys have been shared with our team so in the event one loses his keys, there are still others with the keys to our curation account and the running of the Community

Community Curation Account

We support our members using the @steem-ghana curation account which currently has an effective steem power of 17,099 SP with 7,255.14 being its power and 9,843.86 delegated-in steem power.


Most of the rewards we receive on this account are powered up and the rest are used to tip delegators and reward participants of our programs like the weekly telegram meetings as a sign of motivation. In case the Community Account run contests, the winners are also motivated with some Steem Tokens from the Community Account.

All the 3 of us have access to voting with the community's curation account. We just need to make sure it doesn't fall below a certain percentage (75%) and the vote must be cast on posts from our Ghanaian origin.

At the time of this post, the voting CSI score of the account is 14.0. [source}(

Although not everyone in the community had delegated their SP to this curation account, we try to include everyone in the voting process to ensure that no one gets left out.

Plagiarism & Abuse

We are very keen on eradicating plagiarism from our community outright. This is why we scrutinize each post trooping in within our community. Just as in our other duties, we work together and take turns in checking for plagiarism, voting with our community account (@steem-ghana) and the @steemcurator04 curation account.

This way, we can cover more grounds and ensure that our steemians are abiding by our rules. Currently, we are also running a moderator for the week program of which we pick out an individual member from within our hardworking steemians to work with us for a week. They are to help learn how our community operates, check plagiarism and we also run a contest with them.

We hope to use this to train them to become proficient on the platform. @farhmade and @delakloe have joined us to do this within the last 2 weeks.

We prohibit the use of copyrighted materials within our community which is why we constantly remind our members to stick to copyright-free sites like,,, and so on for their images. If they have any difficulty, we correct them and if it persists, we must have their content or account downvoted.

To prevent duplicate or fake accounts, we have asked steem greeters to leave achievement one post verification of Ghanaian steemians strictly for us. That way, we can properly assess them and upon investigation, we can verify their account.

Engagement & Commenting

Members are strongly encouraged to engage with others on the blockchain and also leave good comments on posts. We also do well to ensure that no post is left unattended in terms of comments and voting. Since the inception of our top 5 daily posts challenge members have drastically increased their level of engagement and we are going to ensure that this keeps going on. The community team doesn't cover every single post in terms of comments however the community members have been made to understand because of which around 99% of post-receive comments.

Plans & Updates

As it stands now community team leaders do well to provide updates with regards to the community growth and development, contests, meetings, etc weekly. These updates are done with the community accounts except for contests for which we give the chance to members to host a new contest every week. We do have a roadmap, a long-term goal that seeks to make the community self-sufficient hence our consistency in powering up. We believe that in the future to come the community must be able to support its members even if nothing is coming in from outside.


Aside from our community purpose, steem promotion is one of the activities Ghanaians are keen about and so we have our members regularly creating steem awareness, printing t-shirts, and flyers and doing a whole lot to take steemit to every nook and cranny of the country.

Every Ghanaian who enrolls on the blockchain is made to understand that our community is for Ghanaians for which 100% of all who join also join us. We also tell newbies and prospects about our community during steem promotional activities outside the blockchain, so they know that should they come on board they have a place waiting for them already.

Why Select Steem Ghana Community for extra support?

We are currently the only Ghanaian community on the blockchain and have over 200 Ghanaian steemians and counting as new members are signed up every day. Because of our hard works and successes, we also have lots of people from other countries joining us in our community. With our community account, we can support as many as we can alongside personal accounts of team leaders however this may just not be enough considering the weight of these votes combined. All post that goes through our community is steemexclusive because we strongly encourage and talk about it regularly.

We believe that with this extra support our community members will be able to do even more than as we are doing now and our long-term goal of making steem known throughout Ghana will be realized. Our community members are as hardworking as their leaders and are impacting the blockchain in many great ways that should we be considered would go a long way to also impact lives in Ghana as well. With this we can attest to the fact that currently most of Our "Pro New Comers who have been verified through all the achievement Tasks have enrolled themselves in the #SteemCryptoAcademy Courses both for Beginners and Intermediary. This tells how strongly our Community is promoting and receiving education in the Steem and the entire Crypto World.


We hope that our application would be considered for the communities of the month program. We look forward to doing even more for our community and the blockchain and will be amenable to any suggestions that may stem from steemit leaders too. Thanks for your time.

Compiled by Ghana Country Representatives

Kind regards,
@nattybongo - CR, Ghana
@njaywan - CR, Ghana
@oppongk - CR, Ghana


With the work rate steemghana and their esteem representatives have put together, I think this community deserves the best for more growth.

 2 months ago 

Our community grows in number each day with members seriously engaged in Steem Promo activities hoping to bring steem to every Ghanaian. Mass adoption of Steem is what most of us are earnestly seeking to achieve. In our endeavor to create steem awareness a lot of Impactful inititiatives have been enrolled to touch lives and give hope to the vulnerable and the less privilege in our societies. Getting support for our community will help us to build a strong community and greatly help to ensure members retention for the greater benefit of steem and the Steemit platform. Getting the support will help us to do more than we have done. Thanks to our country representatives @nattybongo @njaywan @oppongk for their tireless effort in building Steem Ghana Community

 2 months ago 

This program l believe has a significant improvement and development on the steem blockchain. We as a community of great vision seek to promote steem amd steemit in every part of Ghana and make lives better with steem. I believe this application is here to support us achieve every single dream of helping Ghanaians to invest hugely into steem. Many thanks to our leaders @njaywan @nattybongo and @oppongk for their hard work in bringing us this piece.

We believe that with this extra support our community members will be able to do even more than as we are doing now and our long-term goal of making steem known throughout Ghana will be realized.

We will keep doing our very best!🤟🏿

This is a great initiative and leaders are doing a great job. Keep it up

 2 months ago 

Steem has a very great future and I believe steem-ghana is very passionate about helping build the future of steemit. We have Ghanaian on the blockchain who also love the blockchain and put in their efforts in promoting steemit and getting great investors on steemit. Thanks to @nattybongo, @oppongk and @njaywan for their selfless support to the blockchain as well. There is a betterlife with steem

 2 months ago 

Truly, our community is unique since the only verified and accepted Ghanaian community on Steemit.
Though there are CRs, the administration of the community is somewhat decentralised to increase participation and our organisation is effective as members show interest in all activities organised.

Among other exciting factors, we are welcoming since everyone can participate in contest in the community provided the right tags are used and fairness is ensured in reward distribution and recognition.
These are all reasons why our community deserves the support continual support from curator accounts.

Sometimes it is always good to win the title but when it comes to ballon d'or, title doesn't really count, if we win it, is to our own advantage but if not, steemghana is a tree of life and what the country representatives are doing is explosive exceptyou have not being noticing it.

 2 months ago 

We the members of the steemghana community are proud of the work we are doing and we hope to keep doing this great work with the help we will receive from this programme.

Thank you.

A lot of people of this community have put in a lot of effort to enhance the growth of the steemit platform and the community as a whole. I think steem ghana deserves all the support it can obtain.

 2 months ago 

Kudos Leaders @nattybongo, @njaywan and all members in Steem Ghana Community. Good presentation of application for Community of month Support Program. With the good work, enthusiasm and great passion promoting Steem day by day, we hope this application would be considered.

We appreciate the support of everyone. Be blessed for your humanity and kind support!

As you and I get sir, tell me how the account will go dry.

 2 months ago 

I hope this program will support our community to grow well

It is clear that this community has it members at hands and have been doing everything possible to ensure that quality content are been posted and awarded accordingly.

The community have helped soo many good content and i think it will be best for the steemit blockchain if the community is considered in the monthly support program.

Just taking a look at the post, it has outline few of the reasons why this community deserve such an opportunity and I know there is more to it than just what has been said. I will therefore edge the leaders to consider the community application.

 2 months ago 

You couldn't have said less. Nice presentation we got there.
Kuddos to our CRs.👍

 2 months ago 

Good application from our leaders and we hope to be considered for such a great opportunity.✊

 2 months ago 

Steemghana is really doing great and hoping we will go far as a team

 2 months ago 

Great work by @steem-ghana

 2 months ago 

With the support and help of the entire Ghanaian community we can do more in the coming days and I am of the strong believe that we will get selected for the community of the month program. A big thank you to our able country reps for their selflessness and the community members for their hard work and dedication

I wish the community well with this application. If successful, it will go a long way to developing the community in unimaginable ways.

Nice post I really love the way this post is been structured hopefully we are Among the community of the month. Keep steeming people.