Contest!Contest!!Contest!!!. As Steem Continues To Feed Lives, Share With Us Your Favorite Wear (Cloth or Footwear) And How Much Steem Can It Afford

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Greetings steemians,

We at steem-ghana is here with another contest. Looking at how steem Continues to feed people and has created opportunities for some people, we will like you to share with us how steem has impacted your life. We will like you to share with us your favourite Wear and the cost of it in steem. In your post , you can show us the the steps or if it is already made. Take pictures and share with us. You can even put it on and share the pictures with us.


Contest Rules

1. Contest is open to all

2. Share With us your favourite Wear (cloth or Footwear) add at least 150 words

3. Avoid online images at all cost

5. Post your entry through the steem-ghana community

6. Do well to use our contest tag #ghcontest and to add your country tag too

Contest ends on 17th June, 12am GMT.

Prizes to be won
1st Prize - 10steem
2nd Prize - 8steem
3rd Prize - 6steem
4th Prize - 5 steem
5th Prize - 3 steem

We invite all Steemians across the Globe to share your experiences with us.

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Thank you for this contest

Please this is my entry

 3 months ago 

Kk bro
Is really interesting

I Love My Shoes

Link to my Entry

 3 months ago 

Thank you @steem-ghana for the contest

This is my entry

 3 months ago 

Interesting days ahead, I will submit my entry soon

Great contest. My entry is below👇

My Favourite Wear

This is my entryPost for the contest

Thank you Steem Ghana for the contest

Wow! This contest is great.

Here is the entry link to my post.

Nice work @bigssam

 3 months ago 

Fashion is my taste!

My entry