Contest Winners : Share with Us Your Thoughts On Gender Statistics That Outnumber Each Other(Either Male Or Female) In The Steem Blockchain, Why & What We Can Do To Balance/Increase Such Minimal Gender In Steem

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Greetings to all!

We are very happy to announce the winners of the contest about the Gender in Steem that Outnumber Each other.

We had really had good and interesting entries from many Contestants. Though, we were expecting quite a large number compared to the ten(10) participants who took part in the contest . In all, we appreciate every steemian who made time to share his thoughts on this contest with us. Thanks to all the participants below:











The Winners:

Upon going through all the various posts for the contests. Best fives winners were selected based on the rules and content details of what we laid emphasis on the contest. We must say that, all the participants did well. But in every race, there should be a winner. So the following constants were selected as winners:
Position Winners STEEM
1st @magcarnie 15Steem
2nd @kwadjobonsu 10Steem
3rd @papi.mati 7Steem
4th @awuahbenjamin 5Steem
5th @pandev 3Steem

The rewards have been distributed successfully as shown in the screenshot below:


As we promised to reward every participant with some Steem, all the ten(10) participants were rewarded with 1Steem each for their effort participating in @steem-ghana contest. So, beneficiaries can confirm their accounts if it reflects what we have presented below:


Our Appreciation

We appreciate the support from our Curators, sponsoring Teams, participants and all members in Steem Ecosystem for your kind support for our Community. We then invite you to participate again in our subsequent Contests we intend to bring you.

Thanks for your Attention!

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Congrats to all winners and better luck next time to those who couldn't win including myself😂

Congratulations to fellow winners and participants.

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Congrats for winning the second position.

thank you for the reward and congrats to all the winners! It was a great, original contest!

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Thanks so much for your good write up & congrats for winning this contest.

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Thanks alot and Congratulations to us all

Thanks very much for such a wonderful Contest & congrats!

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Congratulations to all participants. Steem wins.

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Congrats to us all

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Congrats @awuahbenjamin. I really enjoyed reading your post.

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I'm honored,,hopefully you will enjoy most from me

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Congratulations 🎉 to winners. I'm grateful to be one

Felicitaciones a los ganadores! Gracias por recompensar el esfuerzo, Saludos!

Congratulations to all winners.

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Congratulations to all the winners of this great contest.

congrats guys.