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 @steem-ghana at 2018

There's no truer statement, doing what you love doing best is a greater feeling. This has been one of my most remembered mantra which spices up the spirit of doing in me. Once you have so much interest in something you do, get it done and so much well. Working on the blockchain has been more than a daily meal for some of us. At a point, we feel like getting ourselves distant to get ourselves isolated at a place far from home. Just so we can spend more time to invest all in us into making the blockchain for a better community for all. Inasmuch as we are not ourselves, we still have whatever it takes to have our input to the community growth count. And so getting involved in any way is our greatest desire.

One of the very few things l can always boast of is the skills of speaking that working on this platform has given to some of us. There have been many times when we get ourselves trained with what to say just so we could all actively get involved in a planned promo activity. Some individuals could not speak or engage someone in a conversation. But the series of steem promo work over the past years have helped most to acquire the skills of speaking. Talking to students at the University here at Kumasi wasn't easy. What makes it difficult more was the fact that these are intellectuals. People whose insight into online activities may be greater and higher than what we have gathered. Yet this is never a deterrent to the promo work that needs to be done to move higher.



I have always loved the team we have built this community around. They are technocrats of like-minded individuals whose effort in any identified activity is highly motivated. I urge everyone to wholely try getting themselves in a steem promo work which may go a long way to indirectly make a significant change in you. You may not necessarily have to organize a group promo. I have mostly believed in the personal promotion. No promo works better than a personal one especially when you are identified in a steem related uniform or outfit.

It makes people find out more. Once people get closer, there goes a great opportunity for you to tell your story. We hope to see this new year brings to us nothing but greater milestones to move our community bigger. Expectations are that more lives will be significantly be imparted here in ghana and beyond. Making steemit the talk of every individual on the street of Ghana. It is simply good to make the street of our locality feel the breeze of tseemit. Your support is greatly needed. If you belong to a different community, we entreat you to give out your all in ensuring massive growth.



 photo credit by LG G5

In whichever way it is done, you get the feeling of success. That's all we all need. The growth may not be that much significant, let your focus never be turned away. Progress is a sure thing to be proud of. The blockchain is the new world technology. Let us engage people in such an activity that gives them value for their effort. Don't waste your time online. Invest in steemit.


Thank You
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 3 months ago 

It is a bright future. Be part of the great history in the making.

Hopefully, more people get to join now than later

Keeping our fingers crossed.

Steem and blockchain have always been wonderful to us getting much to support . The future is bright that if we strive hard we can gain.aomething.

 3 months ago 

The Future is bright with Steem, this life changing opportunity must reach all and sundry, team work will always make the dream work, thanks for a great piece @mcsamm

Great efforts teammate.

Looks like we will have a great journey this particular year looking at this great start.

Creating awareness of the blockchain is truly the first step of reaching a large scale and recruiting.

Many thanks @mcsamm

It's a collective effort @njaywan

 3 months ago 

Steem Ghana has come a long way and steemit has achieved so much but the sky is the limit and there ismore to be done, once we are in the this together everything is attainable

We still have more to achieve. Keep up the good work @elyon.

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