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Their Steemians, friends, bloggers, content creators and consumers!

Our Growth In Steem

We have so many options to grow in steem. One can decide to power up his Steem power via investing some capital by maybe buying Bitcoin and exchange to Steem to power up. In that case he he can use this investment to curate other content in Steem and get more profit. This is a big teal and huge investment one would made. Since huge Steem power invested can attract more curation reward.

Another fruitful way one can grow his steem is leveraging his effort by creating good content consistently in order to earn more rewards from the content he shares in Steemit platform.

The third option is to put our resources together for one accounts or community while we effectively support the community through upvotes and commenting.

We then ask, how many Steemians often buy Bitcoin, exchange for steem to power up. Or how many Steem power would one invest through purchasing before he will get 1steem as curation reward? This is one of the best way we can support build strong steem as well as raising some great steem, but it needs huge sum of money if one really wants partial steem rewards from curation.

But, it's very easy for individual steemians in a community such as Ghana to contribute their little money, but Steem to power up. We believe that would be easier and nice idea for a community to build on if the individual Steemians understand themselves and believing that steem has the best future for years.

We believe this idea have ever come up from most individual steemians, it is up to members to take a bold step. Now, here we are with steem flying steadily upwards among the crypto market. Things are going to be better if we decide to put our resources together and build steem on.

If we see things option to be very difficult due to individual financial disparities, we can use our resources and effort already built and continuously building to grow our Steem business.

Our 10% Beneficiary to Our Community

So far, how can we assess our donation of 10% of Steem rewards to @steem-ghana? We think this idea suggested by @steemcurator01 was very great to get partial income to our account.

Members have been doing well by setting their posts to 10% beneficiary for our community.

We would like to strengthen this for everyone as a Ghanain Steemian to sacrifice his or her 10% from his or her reward payout to support our Community. In this case, the Community account is likely to grow at the fastest rate in addition to the posts by the account periodically.

The account is now having about 4,000 Steem power and about 600 Steem to power up our Account. We still call for members who have more Steem power to delegate to the account for fast growth.

What defines Our Curation in Steem Community?

We have really observe that most Steemians are too depended on others for curation. We don't thinks it should happen in that way. In Steem, form "Newbies, Planktons, Minnows, Dolphins to Whales," everyone is a curator, but not all can be a content creator or write articles. But the work of curation/ upvoting can be done by all Steem population in Steem Ecosystem. The curator is the individual Steemian who give out part of his reward pool as gift to the content of authors. That is the basic principle that underline one's income to be achieved as Steem in Steemit platform.

Consequently, when we cease to curate the authors in a community by the individual Steemians, it means we aren't supporting the individual Steemians to grow as well as the Community.

The curation aren't meant for only those who have enough or huge power in Steem Ecosystem, even with the fraction of curation from those who have less power can add up to become some substantial steem. This can accumulate and build up to be bigger.

Most Steemians are over depended on the reward from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02, which we think isn't best practices. We can find possible means of supporting our members voluntarily by going to the individual blogs to upvote and commenting.

If we really agree to make effective curation, the selected curated chosen by @steemitblog their rewards would be a top up for our contents.

Our Enrollment Drive, Getting more Recruits and Supporters in Our Community

So far, some individual Steemians have been working very hard to onboard many Steemians in our Community. We think this is a step in right direction as we commenced sometime ago.

It's worthy to mention that @njaywan and @oppongk are striving hard getting some new recruits and retaining more members lately in Our Community. @kubati and some members in the Community have also brought their friends and brothers to increase our numbers. This is seen as great achievement our Community is leaving on Steem and we will continue to urge members to keep the good effort.

Our activeness in the Community is now pegged at 43, we hope to increase consistently to double this number daily. It is by our mutual collaboration if this will work effectively.

Our discord chat has been dull lately but we hope to rekindle the platform on discord soon. We will let members get to know what's up if we are back strongly with some meetups.

All things are putting in place to build our Community. Your support is our Strength.

Thanks to All, Steemit Team!




You guys should be classified as visionary pioneers with foresight. More winds to your sails as you people expand the steemit horizon.

Thanks for coming round. Our pressure with your kind words.

Great to see you. Thanks for your support!

good post my friend. I have shared your post 👍👍👍😁

Thanks for sharing our post for others to see.

@steem-ghana quite a good suggestion.
Thank God for the rise of SBD.
Team work is more efficient and important when it come to steemit
Newbies need more support to grow so that they won't feel tired.
Communities must hit to many promoting project to help her members, mostly the newbies .

Team work is the power to steemit

Thanks so much for your kind words and suggestions.

Welcm brother, speaking from Nigeria

Nice piece of information will give you a follow

Thanks for your support

i think it is helpful for me as a beginner

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