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You Are Welcome To @Steem-Ghana Community !

Hello Everyone in Steem! We have been called to blog and live with freedoms that Steemit & Steem have harnessed for us. But we all contribute to these successes. Of course none of us is left out. Since we blog and Steemit & Steem reward us base on our proof of brain we share here. Therefore we must be committed to stand for Steemit & Steem by lifting "The Banner" of Steem Blockchain high.

Maybe through Steem, some of us have gotten some small Fiat to pay our Bills, fees, and some petty financial problems, which maybe wasting that time in vain would not fetch us anything. But I think Steem can go beyond what I have just mention here.

@Steem-Ghana Planning for Banner

For couple of days now, @Steem-Ghana was created by the great support from @steemitblog @steemcurator01. Thanks also to @njaywan who brought idea of the creating a community for Ghana, which would turn to incubation Ghanaian Steemians, through which their work can easily be accessed and rewarded. It sounds great to make progress every single day in order see growth and development of this beloved Community.

A few days a go, @njaywan designed four(4) logo to choose one for our Account. Many of Steemians opted for the first (1) Logo. Though decision in this has not yet been finalized. Below is the first logo:


Our next action plan for the Community is to have a well designed Banner for the Account. Once the logo is selected, it can help us to make Banner for our Community.

What do you suggest should be inclusive features of @Steem-Ghana Banner?

1.Steemit being the main blogging site, I thinks should not be left out in this Banner. I don't think any of us would dispute this fact. Since we are all here because of Steemit, which is the blogging site.

2.What about Steem symbols? At least it is the main tokens we are rewarded, spendable, transfer or transacted. We can ignore bringing even one(1) symbol on the Banner. Besides, it also beautifies our Banners when we include them.

3."The Background." How should the background look like? Green, yellow, red, blue, or white. Though, I am not a good designer and I have not even learnt any designing course, but I think white portrays brightness in everything. Here I want Designers in steem to come to our aid to choose very good background for our Banner.

4."Our Logo." Of course our logo should be embedded in the Banner. As soon as it's decided by majority of Steemians here, we can use that logo for the design of our Banner.

Note: the first image used here isn't what maybe our Banner will look like, we just designed it for the purpose of this post. So more suggestions would be welcomed.

The Importance of @Steem-Ghana Banner

The Banner would help us to organise Meet ups, call for Street walks across Ghana as the community begins to progress one step at a time. We can start from our locality where majority of Steemians are found. Organising street walk in town will help people to hear the name of Steem and later join.

Now, Ashanti region and Greater Accra have been our major regional centres where most Steemians are found. Especially in Kumasi and its environs where we have @mcsamm, @nattybongo, @njaywan, @oppongk, @elliamor1, @elyon, @menak, @delakloe and others, we can easily organise street walk and meet ups.

Steemit T-shirt also Needed:

It just came on our notice when planning for the Banner. We would need Steemit T-Shirt for our members. In such a float on Street, we need to dress in our Steemit costume that is how we can be easily identified. Who bears the cost? Since the Account is at the nurturing stage, there is no funds to cater for these cost. Even the Banner @oppongk has promised to sacrifice his small money to do. We would therefore appeal to members to bear the cost of their Steemit T-shirt. But this is not compulsory if maybe it will affect one's finances.

Does the Entire Steemit Need Steemit flag?

This also just came up in our thoughts, what is Steemit flag; how does it differ from Steemit logo, is it necessary for Steemit to have Steemit flag. @steem-ghana is curious about some of these things that make us different from other Communities. Like Countries, one of the things that Identify them from each other is their flag.

This is a proposal we are bringing forward to the entire Steemit Community to consider if it would be appropriate for us to have Steemit flag and barges that let people see us immediately. We have many designers who can help us design if only Steemit Team accept this proposals.

The committees for Designing Our @Steem-Ghana Banner

Many thanks to these Ghanaian Steemians who are working hand in hand to promote the Community: @njaywan, @mcsamm, @nattybongo and @oppongk. Since three (3) days ago, they have been planning how to come out with the best Banner for the Community and the subsequent progresses of the Community.

We ask grace from the Almighty God to grab the Team with.strength, wisdoms and one heart to achieve these goals. We would therefore wish to plan series of projects if this first touch goes on Smoothly.

We therefore invite all and sundry in Steem Ecosystem to give us your maximum support.

The Delegation is ongoing, you can support us with any power you wish to delegate to support our Community. Note, the Account now have 2,666 Steem power now, which gives voting weight of $0.02 Steem. You would never be left out if you support us.

Thanks To All, Steemit Team!

"This work was Compiled By @oppongk, CR - Ghana"




These are fantastic ideas @oppongk, thank you for selfless effort of taking the step to provide us eith the banner.

We are definitely in full support of these ideas with the T-Shirts and I am sure we would all be willing to acquire it from our pockets.

I am glad you brought the logo topic up. I have incorporated the steemit blockchain design with our logos like @mcsamm suggested.

Thanks so much My Brother. We are really in full support to move this community on. I thank you for your great support for this design of our logo. The rest of members that I contacted are also have also agreed to support the community. We hope to begin with a lot of project to more the community forward.

My pleasure for admitting this idea 🙏😃

They are very great ideas @oppongk 😇. I believe we can get the attention of many ghanaians when we do a health walk or a float campaign.

We should definitely prepare towards that .

As for the suggestion both @mcsamm, @nattybongo and @elliamor1 made, here are the updated logos with the ghanaian steem logo. As usual I am open to suggestions 😊.


 2 months ago 

I think i like the second one better, too many yellows in all the others interfering with the Ghanaian colors standing out

Thank you @elyon, I couldn't tell which one your were referring to so I have numbered them for clarification.

 2 months ago 

Yes i think that's true, in 1 and 4 the yellows jammed up, in 3 and 2 the ghanaian steem logo stands out better

It sounds great when it comes to colors ladies are very good hahahaha 😃. Yes, is true that 1 & 4 the yellow dominates.

 2 months ago 

This is a very good step in the right direction, a float will surely attract the masses and we can see our community having a very large number in the shortest time possible and this could also add up to our community account's total power when delegations proceed. I think we can get our own t-shirts its not a big deal a christmas meetup would actually be great. Kudos @oppongk and @njaywan. Lets take Ghana to the world

Thanks so much my Dear Sister. You are so brilliant. I admire your enthusiasm

 2 months ago 

This is great step in the right direction, our leaders are really thinking on their feet and getting things done, i am currently working with @mcsamm on the banner though we also be looking at flyers that we can distribute should we have a meetup. Thanks for the great work guys

Thank your so much @nattybongo. You Guys are doing a great job. Happy to hear this.

Great plans are underway and we hope to make things bigger... Big ups guys

Thanks so much @mcsamm