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You are welcomed to @Steem-Ghana's blog !

This report covers the details of our just ended Meetup and the future plans of our community as we move as team. Let we start by thanking every individual in Steem Blockchain for the great support you gave us. The biggest hug goes to @steemitblog and @steemcurator01 who stand as pivot of our thriving in this vibrant Blockchain. At the time we were looking and wondering for finances they supported us with upvotes and ideas to raise funds for future Meetup. We say a big thank you! Lol and behold the Meetup came on and it just took place beyond imagination. We are pleased with the turn out and outcome.


Our group pic embedded in this design


The Descriptions & Clear Picture of the Meetup Events

In brief, we would want to give you a description and clear picture of the Meetup. The Meetup took place on 18th December 2020 at Sapphire Gardens in Kumasi. The time set to meet was 12 O'clock noon. @njaywan & @mcsamm were able to reached there at this agreed time. Later that a lot of members also joined. Due to far distance and traffic jam, members like @oppongk and @elliamor1 arrived at the place late. The meeting had started about 10mins time when they came. The Meetup was hosted at the serene conference room of Sapphire Garden. The MC at the Meetup was @mcsamm. We were ten(10) in numbers with additional five (5) females newcomers making fifteen (15) in total. The following were the list of Steem members present:

  1. @mcsamm
  2. @nattybongo
  3. @oppongk
  4. @njaywan
  5. @anaman
  6. @elliamor1
  7. @awuahbenjamin
  8. @zicodee
  9. @nas-gh
  10. Philip
  11. @yawgh


Steem Talks, Experience Sharing & Questions

Few members at the Meetup had something important to share with members. In the opening, @nattybongo gave a detailed talk on Steem and Tron current integration and how it is helping Steemians. He also touched on "My town in ten(10) Pics" as the most easiest way one can earn without stress. He encourage members to do that one in addition to the "Diary Game in Steem."

By then @anaman has arrived in our midst. When it comes to Steem and Crypto, he knows more stuff than most of Ghanaian Steemians here. He was permitted to share his experience in Steem, Crypto and the effective usage of Discord. He explained in details about Steem, urging members to read, comment on others posts. He touched on the keeping of our Steemit private keys, more especially our newcomers who would be signing up soon. He also touched on the Blockchain now become the best way to make all our transactions. The Newcomers would soon sign up and all members are encouraged to join our discord chat which would be soon make effective.

@njaywan also talk about contest and his current Community of @worldoffootball in case any of us are interested in football, he or she can join his football community. He again urge members to not plagiarize, one thing that Steemit doesn't entertain. @oppongk also added up that most Newcomers find it difficult to cope with the system in Steem due to the writing. As many use to write little in their various platforms like Facebook. But in Steem, once we are being rewarded, we expect members to write quality as well as much lengthy posts. @awuahbenjamin, @zicodee and Philip also shared their experiences with Steem.

@mcsamm also talked about our current plans to move our meetings and chats on Discord and how building connection with other discord users who are projecting Steem. He encouraged members to download Discord apps on play store so that they can join our Discord chats. He shared his experience and how through Steem, he has linked his friend to get married with a Steemian outside this Country and now enjoying success.

Questions Time

Time was allotted for the asking of Questions by members at the Meetup. Both old members and Newcomers asked questions and they were answered appropriately.

Get-together & Fun making time

We had opportunity to enjoy meal well packaged for individuals here with soft drink. We ate while making fun with each other.

We brought the meeting with a successful closure by reciting our last prayer.

We then took numerous pictures, pairing and group with members around. It was a happy moment and celebration since most of us haven't met face-to-face like this. In case you love to watch some of the the beautiful pictures in our Gallery, you can have them here:














Our Strength & Weakness on this Meetup

To every meeting there are strengths and weaknesses to emerge from the outcome. We wouldn't say we had 100% result and again say that it was too bad. By all means we had little challenges along the line. But in the nutshell, the good side outweighs the bad side.

The Strengths of the Meetup

The best thing we had experienced is that we were able to achieve our aim of this meeting coming on. We are happy that the Meetup started and ended peacefully without hearing any bad news happening to any of the members. We were able to cover most of the things we decided to talk about. We had a great party and fun which everyone was very happy.
We were able to support members from far with the love of some individuals like Anaman & Philip to pick them from Sapphire Gardens to town to be able to pick vehicles to their various destinations.

It should then be captured in our records that we had a Philanthropist, @anaman who supported paying the cost of all our Steemit T-shirt printed for individuals. That's 20 copies of the Steemit T-shirts, all paid by this lovely Steemian.

One of our major aim of this meetup was that after everything, we get new sign ups to join us. We are lucky to have Five(5) Newcomers who admitted to sign up and join us. Our contact numbers were received to sign them up lately.

The Weaknesses of the Meetup

Time was our limit factor. The Meetup was planned within short time so lately we had information that the meet up date concided with their programs. Somewhere along the line, the Meetup date has to change. All these prevented some members to come.

Also the reporting time of some members were very poor. We all agreed on 12 noon, yet some members were late. And as a result, it drag the meeting than what we would have expected.

Members were expecting some additional incentives like data for browsing as we used to do have it some time ago distributing data for members who would come to the Meetup. Maybe, the committee would take it up and see how possible we can plan for this.


Our Future Plans of Activities

Right from the Meetup, on Sunday we had Discord meeting. Few members were able to join: @mcsamm, @nattybongo, @njaywan, @oppongk, @awuahbenjamin and @fredkese. We made a voice chat. The major things shared ware setting the curation trail for members to join and the delegation of power to our @Steem-Ghana Account. We would like to grow this community for it to be able to support members.




Screenshot from Our Discord chat

Again we have set Steemit post promotion on our discord in which we want our members to share one of their latest posts there every day. This would help members who frequently visit our discord channel to vote.

@oppongk has also come out with some plans which would be finalized on our next Discord chat coming Sunday 8 O'clock pm sharp. The plan is to reward the consistent writers and those who are doing well growing their Steem power from one level to the other. In this case, we would beaking posts capturing those Steemians every month and rewarding them with some Steem tokens base on their effort. We would update the Steemit Community when we conclude at our Discord channel.

Thank You, Steemit Team!

Post compiled by @oppongk, CR - Ghana

All Country Reps.


family reunion,, united for financial freedom

 4 months ago (edited)

I couldn't wait for this day to happen. It's such a memorable one, so to speak. And thanks to all for your support in championing this course. @yawgh was as well present incase you missed him. Thanks for this report @oppongk

Oh, sorry I missed him, but I will edit and add him now. It was so happy moment we all enjoyed. Thanks very much.

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 4 months ago 

Such a detailed report, how i wish i had been able to make it, anyway i will make plans to be around in the future, thanks for the update

 4 months ago 

Our community is truly growing because the teamwork is making the dream work, kudos to all who contributed to making this meetup a success and thanks for the writeup @oppongk

Seems like you guys really had fun and learnt a lot. It’s unfortunate that I missed out and hopefully, I will be present for the next one.

Thank you so much for this detailed write-up on our meetup @oppongk. We learnt so much from one another and were able to get 5 newcomers. It was truly a great success and we thank everyone for their role in this event

Much appreciated ❤ 🙏.

Thanks so much. It's true we had a successful and happy Meetup. We hope to organize another Meetup soon.

Congratulations on a great first meetup!

Thanks very much for your support. The Meetup was so great.

Thank you steemit team.

We appreciate all the support you continue to give us. We are looking forward to organising more of such events next year.

woow awesome, wish i was part..

Very happy to join the team. currently join but enjoying every bit of it..

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