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Hello friends and family, @steem-ghana sends a warm greetings. Today we will like to talk about some basic errors that have been found, corrected at some point and yet some are reapeating TAGGING INDIVIDUALS as a habbit


What Are Tags On Steemit

Basically tags are use on Steemit to help categorizes our posts to make people easy to search for your information. Using the right tags for our post helps the right people who may have interest in your post Sees it easily and identify it too. People normally use wrong tags for the right post.

Last week as we were doing our crosses and checks on our members we found these tags under a steemain's post.


These tags prompted us to be time on time educate our community especially our newcomers on the effective use of tags on our posts. Upon trying to contact some individuals on how to use tags effectively, the person was contemplating with these two Mentioning and tags. As I said earlier,

tags are use to categorize our post whiles mention simply means showing appreciation for a work done

Where Can we Put Each In A Post?

This is what we called mention. It is been done within our post by recommending a good work someone is doing. But this act shouldn't be frequently seen in our post.


That's where we insert the category we want them to see our post. #Tagging individuals at the tag section in other words means begging for votes and this is the act we want all steemains to stop. We need to let our posts speak for themselves but rather not begging.

Examples Of Tags To Be Use For Our Post
Writing about promoting Steemit:

• promo-steem
• steem
• Steemit etc

Writing A Story:

• writing
• Motivation
• lifestyle etc

Writing About A Contest:

• the contest tag is stated in the post.
• Your country etc

How Many Tags Can One Use For A Post

Currently you can use up to 8 tags. The tags should always be in "Lower Case" example "steemexclusive" and not "Steemexclusive " . Each tag should be separated by a space by a click on the space bar example 'steemexclusive betterlife lifestyle'. A hyphen may be introduce when needed for example 'steem-ghana' promo-steem' etc.

A post can be written directly on someone's blog or in a community. When a post is written in a community, then it means the first tag is the community in which the person is writing to. For instance, I am writing about promoting Steemit . I will start by:

Clicking on the communities and choose the appropriate community as a tag, your post is about and you want them see it.

Here my post is s about promoting Steemit so I will choose promosteem as my community, this automatically means my first tag is promosteem since they will be the first community they will see my post.

Afterwards clicking on promosteem above another face will appear. Here you can now see you are in the midst of promosteem community. Click on post button there and another page will open for you.


On top here you can see posting to community promosteem, therefore the promosteem has been your first that of people that will receive your post.

Our main objective for this post is to know how, what and when appropriately to use a specific tag. And then also desist from the act of tagging individuals because it is simply called begging for votes.

"This post was Authored by @bigssam and edited by @oppongk, CR - Ghana."

Thanks For Your Time With Us


Indeed you are not leaving us behind,thanks for the education given to us expecially the newcomers

Nice one adim. People (especially new commers) have been misunderstanding and misusing these tags hence distracting those being tagged.

Thanks for educating us on this
It's very clear and am happy

 7 months ago 

Great tutorials for all newbies and oldies alike, thank you for this

Thank you for the suggestions in your tutorial about knowing about the correct use of labels in a specific way.

 7 months ago 

Thanks for the guides. It’s really important. Much appreciation admin.👍🏻

 7 months ago 

Thanks for this. We all need it

This is very helpful. Thank you

This is a very good post, lots of us won't get to use the wrong tags from now on

Thanks for such tutorials. I have really learn a lot from you.

Thank you very much for the information, it will go along way @steem-ghana

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