Update on the upcoming meetup in ghana.

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Greetings to fellow steemians on such a great day as always. This is a quick update that needs the attention of everyone on the steem blockchain. We appreciate the effort of all technocrats who really are putting in much work to ensure the progress of the various communities on the steem blockchain like @steem-ghana. We feel more pleased to make a great impact on the lives of people especially here in Africa. The existence of this community has been progressively doing well especially with the announcement of a meet up in recent days. Many activities have been formed around the table to ensure to safety and success of it all. Thanks to the leadership of steem ghana for their immense support to make this happen. We cannot make things get this far without the support and direction of @steemcurator1.

Earlier this week, an arrangement got made to establish an agreement for members of the steemghana community to directly get involved in making a decision on the upcoming meetup. This called for the involvement of @mcsamm @nattybongo and @anaman to make preparations regarding the meetup of which this week compelled these guys to meet again to make plans for the great day. We are happy to announce to everyone about our chosen venue which is Saphire gardens in the Ashanti region of Ghana. Members of team ghana are with full support and waiting for this to happen.


 old steemghana t-shirt

Among the many activities that are underway for the upcoming meetup is the production of steem shirts for team members. It really will be a beautiful moment to see all the present members in the new steem shirt that are in production. We are pleased to update everyone about the new steem t-shirt that is expected to be worn by members during the upcoming meetup. There's been the existence of steem shirt by some years ago which most people have misplaced theirs. And so meeting again was more relevant to have a new one printed for all. However, it was suggested during the meeting this week by @anaman when the members who have been working on the venue met at the agreed venue. @anaman added that a new design should be made in response to the new @steem-ghana logo that has been created for the community. Many thanks to @mcsamm for working on ensuring the T-shirt design made to that effect.


 new steemghana t-shirt

There are no better means of promoting steemit here in Ghana than wearing a steemit shirt. Thi was mentioned by @nattybongo during the said meeting and so not compromising on the production of the new steem shirt. Let me thank the leadership of this noble community @oppongk @njaywan @nattybongo for approving the new shirt suggested being worn for the meetup. We advise all team members to support fully in diverse ways by ensuring that everyone gets the shirt on the said day for the meetup. We however invite the support of everyone on the blockchain to help support us in every possible way to ensure the success of this meetup especially with the newbies that will be invited. It is our utmost wish to raise enough funds to print some more shirts for everyone including all new members that will be invited to receive the good news about steemit.

below are some images of the work done by @mcsamm during the design of the steel ghana shirt. All comments and suggestions are welcome to make the community much better. The production of these shirts is expected to be ready by next week since its production has been commanded already.

Copy of Portada de pgina - Made with PosterMyWall (2).png

 steemghana logo in front of the white shirt.

Copy of Portada de pgina - Made with PosterMyWall.png

 steemghana logo in front of the black shirt.

Copy of Portada de pgina - Made with PosterMyWalllll.png

 steemghana logo at the back of the white shirt.

Copy of Portada de pgina - Made with PosterMyWallpo.png

 steemghana logo at the back of the black shirt.

This is so indicative that nothing speaks better than seeing steemit in these shirts everywhere we find ourselves. There are a lot more mini daily promo activities to be done which we believe this T-shirt will be more than helpful in ensuring the steem promo work. Thanks to all members for the support and looking forward to seeing the day when we finally make this meetup a blast. I am of a great conviction that we are about to make a significant impact here in Ghana as done years ago. Higher milestones are coming our way to make steem the best place for the youth here in Ghana.


This update is brought to you by @mcsamm.
Thank you

 4 months ago 

You couldn't have said it any better, i am very enthusiastic about this meetup and simply can't wait to meet everyone again. The T-shirt did a great deal in advertising in the old times and i believe it will continue to work even better now with our new logos. Thanks very much for this and we look forward to a great time.

IThanks you so much @mcsamm for updating us and launching our Steemit T-shirt officially to the @steemitblog. I believe the entire steemit would love these designs as they depict the true steemit logo.

They are so beautiful and would be happy to wear. Thanks so much for your support.

 4 months ago 

It's a collective effort. We will surely make it

 4 months ago 

Everyone is appreciated for their enormous effort in making this happen. @anaman @njaywan @nattybongo @collinz @elliamor1 @fredkesse @zicodee @jeeandmee @ackza and many more. We hope to join hands together soon in moving @steem-ghana to a greater milestone.

Nice presentation. It will be good for people to know how the t -shirts would look like. I think they look good bro. It's a nice design you've done @mcsamm 😇.

Let's see what @steemcurator01 thinks about this as well so that we can go ahead and print it.

Thank you very much. 😁🙏

 4 months ago 


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Nice one, looks good.

 4 months ago 

Really good one.

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