What Budget Would It Be Enough For Our Meet Up? A Proposal For Help From Steem Philanthropists

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Over the week, it has been very though for members of @steem-ghana. We have been making a lot of decisions about funds, venue and appropriate timing for this August event of this nature. Since there are a lot of people who have promised to be present at this meet up. In fact the old and pioneers who have stayed away from Steem for very long time are showing interest to join.

Due to this, it has become necessary for us to "Budget" for this "Meet Up." Well, what budget would it be sufficient for this program? We would be happy to be in haste or rush mood to do anything how, since it's very long time we had a meet up. So we want this occasion to be a memorable one for the entire Steem Blockchain.

Our proposed budget & source of funds

So far, we have estimated for 1000ghc/$170 or something above 1000Steem. Looking at what are before us to cater for, this amount maybe less to our expectations, but we must cut our coat according to our cloth. The @steem-ghana is at the nurturing stage with no or little funds. In this case, the community look up for funds from individuals. Many of these Steemians are Newcomers and others too with little in their wallet.

Thanks to @oppongk who has promised to donate 500Steem through little power down of his account. We believe with little contribution from individual Steemians, we can reach that 1000ghc Budget.

A call for support from Steem Philanthropists

The Community therefore call for support for any interested of this meet up, to help fund it and made it successful one. This can be donation of liquid Steem through our account or through upvote support. You can get reach us via our WhatsApp link : https://chat.whatsapp.com/DnhYaNruvCVDdPOiM8SRlh


The date for Our Meet up.

The official date for our meet up would be announced shortly. But so far, 19th December 2020 is the scheduled date for the meet up if nothing changes. Yesterday, our WhatsApp page was very hot with the appropriate date feasible for our meet up. We early thought to push it close than this proposed date. But, upon second thought we need to plan things well for good organization. Besides it seemed to be too close to the December 7th poll. That's why we have chosen 19th December 2020. With this date, we would have about 3 weeks ahead to plan well.

Organization Stage

Many thanks to our committee for planning of this meet up: @mcsamm, @njaywan, @nattybongo and @oppongk. Everything is occurring smoothly via our WhatsApp page. We are still on the compilation stage. This is done in combination of other decision to make this meet happen live. List of members who wish to be present are compiling. So far we gotten 10 on the role who would want to book their ticket to this August meet up. Below is the screenshot of our increasing list:


The Venue for the Meet Up

The place is Kumasi, but we are still deliberating on the venue. About three(3) places have come to our minds: Rattray, X5 and Kumasi Mall. We want the best out of best. So many features are considering here; the place with more funs, spacious to host large number of people, the place with much beautification, the place with low charging fees and many others. For Rattray, it is having large park but charge 10ghc/$1.7 per individual who enters. We haven't made inquiry at K'Mall and X5. Kumasi Mall too is very nice. So we are planning which of these three(3) venues will fit for this meet up.

Items plan for Spend On

We would like to make a lot of funs and host many strangers who would visit us. Though we have not draw our Agenda, but we would love to give out food & water for those come to the meet up. If possible pay for the cost of entry and other expenses that would incur at the place. The flyers to be distributed to be given out to friends, families and love ones.

We wish to put these proposals before our beloved Steemians here to support us to make this our meet up a memorable one. Our expectations are to get new sign up for Steen and also to bring back those who have quit Steem for very long time.

Note: Due to this Budget, we would like to set the post payout to 50%:50% reward, in order to get liquid Steem to support this meet up.

Thanks very much, Steemit Team!

"Compiled by @oppongk, CR for Ghana!"



 8 months ago 

We would love to reach out many people in Ghana, bring them to Steem. Through this unifying we hope to bring back the old Steemians. We wish to invite our funs here in Steem for support of our meet up and our @steem-ghana Community. We therefore stand firm on our decision to host this meet up.

Many thanks to @steemitblog, @steemcurator01 for the opportunity given us to connect with our funs here in Ghana. We also thanks our support team in this Community who are working tirelessly to bring much love into the Community. 😀

 8 months ago 

Thank you for this post @oppongk, great initiative.

We really need all hands on deck for this meetup so that we can spread our wings and bring as many people on board as we can. Right now we have received positive response from the community which is a good sign👍.

I'm glad we unanimously agreed to the 19th December. Aside the elections people who are coming home for Christmas would have arrived as well 😀.

We are making solid progress here @oppongk, I am optimistic about the success of this meet up 😋.

 8 months ago 

Thanks so much @njaywan, I must say by great support from you that we are seeing what we see today. My pleasure having you in our Team.🥰🤩👍

 8 months ago 

Happy to be a part of it. 😎

Good plans.

It might be worth trying a small, low cost meetup first to get to know everyone.

Then plan a bigger event in the new year which will give more time to raise the money through post earnings.

That would be better than you having to power down.

Maybe invite people in the Steem Ghana community to set a 10% beneficiary on their posts to go to the @steem-ghana account to raise funds for the event.

Some are doing that in the Best of India community.

Thank you

The Steemit Team

 8 months ago 

I believe this great suggestion will sit well with most of our steemians @steemcurator01, as we are keen on having this event.

We will inform our community members about the inclusion of @steem-ghana as a 10% beneficiary to their rewards and provide a guide in doing so.

This will contribute to our community's steem power and we can also obtain our liquid SBD from the few that are set to 50/50 to help the event.

Thank you for your generous reward and advise @steemcurator01, we are grateful 😊🙏.

Maybe make a Community Badge for those contributing so we can see that when we are voting on posts in your community....

 8 months ago (edited)

Alright @steemcurator01, we will use something simple such as "@steem-ghana donor" or sponsor to identify our contributors.

Thank you once again 🙏.

 8 months ago 

Good ideas and support @steemcurator01. Initially we were planning to cut down cost in this meet up. Since it came quick for us to meet. Actually during Xmas there is already high expenses we normally incur. The Covid 19 also affected our finances. So we didn't want to levy anybody on this program.

It really sound good for this suggestions made. We are still soliciting for ideas to make things very simple, yet effective meetup. We will then discuss with members as you have adduced here to rather raise money for future meetups. This has given us a great opportunity to plan well.

Of course, powering down is not easy since it could affect curation on the Community. My pleasure for this suggestions. The committee would go to the drawing table again to reconsider certain things before the Meetup comes off.

Looks like things are falling into place for the meetup. We hope the elections pass quietly so we look forward to this.

 8 months ago 

Yes, things are moving on smoothly, by your great support we hope to achieve our goals.

More vim. There’s hope for the future

Good work, good luck and always blessing, warm greetings to the #steem #Ghana community and special greetings to you and @steemcurator01 for supporting us all here

 8 months ago 

Thanks so much for your kind words. Be blessed!

 8 months ago 

its a great step