THE DIARY GAME 13/04/2021 My Tuesday Activities

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Steemit! Steemit! Steemit ! Who say Steemit is not there? Steemit is there and life. Those who believe say yes! Yes.
I send my warmly greetings to everyone this morning. I thank God for my life and everybody here. I also thank God for the lives of all Steemit creators. May God richly bless us all.
I went to bed late yesterday night and due to that I waked up late this morning around 5:30am. I swept my bedroom living room and dinning hall. I assisted my wife to sweep the compound and we both brushed our teeth.



Brushing Of Our Teeth<\center>

There are tick trees in the area where I stay. The place is very quite .I used to go there to have my leisure time, quite time and prayers. This morning, I went there for my personal devotion from 6:20 to 6:35



Praying Under The Tick Trees

I came and assisted my wife in the kitchen to prepare the breakfast and set fire in the fire wood to boiled water to go to school because of the low temperature.



Setting Fire In The Fire Wood<\center>

I stay at a small community called Abonkosu which is very far from the school community.
It is about 3kgms far away from my area. I always go with motor cycle.



On My Way To School

I arrived in school at 7:50am. Lessons commenced at exactly 8:00am and everything went on smoothly. I close from school around 2:30pm and I finally landed home around 3:20pm. I was tired and had no option than to rest so I went to bed.