The Diary game Thursday 29-04-2021

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Morning activities

I woke up this morning at 5:45am.i went out to exercise my body and came back home to bath .I then baths my children,paste their teeth and dress 👗 them to send them to school.



On my way to school,I pass through the township of Nsuta-Ashanti and pass through the market of Nsuta.





From market,I then went to school at Anansu Presby J.H.S at the school, I gave them exercise and marked the work.the school is located on the Nsuta-kwamang road.the school is having ten (10) teacher's of which nine are men and a lady.the school is having a population of eighty five,fifty-five are girls and thirty are boys.



Afternoon activities

School closed at 2:00pm,I then went to pick my children from their school and we went home . I helped my sister to smoke fish for market tomorrow.i helped my wife to prepare food for the family

Evening Activities

I went to have my bath and football.the match was between Barcelona Vs the end of the first half it was Barcelona 1Granada 0.


And that was all about my day.


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You have really enjoyed your day to the fullest. Good sharing with us.


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