My pencil drawing of a lady with gele(head tie)

Hi everyone..
it your pencil artist..
Here is my recent artwork of a woman with gele..
In nigeria an head tie is called gele-that the word use by the yoruba's,one of my country ethnic group..wearing head tie is traditional for all nigeria and indeed for most african artfully folded gele is part of everyday wear and mostly use for special occasions like weddings and for ceremony an important part of our traditional dressing in envisioning accasion like introductions ,naming ceremony in nigeria ...
It a commision work i love so much
Here are few steps





Thanks for looking through my blog🙏🏽


When I was in Uyo, I used to go to that man's place and frame my works.
Really been a while!
Meanwhile, great job!

Ohh okk..
Thanks sir..

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