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Hello steemians
Monday’s begin the day for worker’s and today is a national holiday in our country.
The holiday is a holiday for all national workers. It was celebrated during the past weekends. It fell on the Saturday. In my country anytime a holiday falls on a weekend it is postponed and celebrated on the next working day becomes the holiday.
Yet still my lecturer scheduled an end of semester exam for us to write.


This picture was taken on my way to my friend’s place to write the exam paper.


I got to his place and before we started two additional course mates joined us. When we started writing the paper.
The lecturer gave us a stipulated time of three(3) hours for the work to be done and should be submitted to him.
I finished the exam and returned home.

On my arrival in the house we had lights out so I left the house and went to sit a friend who has a provision shop. We conversed. During our conversation his children came around and they told me to tell them stories
So I told them the stories about Disney Cinderella, King David and King Solomon in the Bible




I left his place and came home after we had lights.
I watched some movies on my laptop titled “gifted hands”. I had a lesson from that and it was “with determination one can make it in life”.

When it was time for my friends to break their fast I escorted @njayone @marwone @shizzles @stephen oppong to buy what they would need to break their fast as a good friend.



We fasted together and broke our fast together for today.
That’s how my day went.
Thank you for reading!!

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Thanks for the experience