My Saturday activities

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Hello steemians
Today being another day full of activities
Of which some include funerals, engagements, naming ceremonies and weddings.
On this day I escorted a friend to the funeral of the deputy clerk of the parliament of Ghana.
The name of the clerk of parliament was Mr. Robert Apodola
He was the oldest serving clerk in the history of the parliament of Ghana.


The remains was led by the dispatch rider
He led the remains from the church to the cemetery. The cemetery is behind the family
house of Mr. Robert A. With the customs of the people of the Kassena -Nankana municipality the dead is buried in their family house.


The marshal in the parliament led the car with a little display in which the remains were kept.


This is the car which carried the remains.



The band men followed the car in which the corpse were kept.


The preparation of the body for burial.


Some media men were also present to take live coverage of the happenings.


The remains of Mr. Robert A. we’re carried by his family members for burial


The priest of the Catholic Church offered a burial service and prayers on his grave


After the prayers and service conducted by the priest Mr. Robert A. was laid to rest


Rest well Sir.
That was how my day went and it was a great experience I had eye witnessing the burial service of a legend.

Thank you for reading my post!!


That's so sad. Death is not the end tho🤜🤛

Very sad.
Exactly but still life moves on