Tell Us About A Famous Place You Have Visited Before: The Pyramids of Giza (Egypt) by @zzzinnn

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I must admit that, I share the experience with you @rubilu123, the experience of never getting the chance to go on a school excursion even though I have always wanted to and always dreamt of going, growing up. I guess God’s time is the best.

To compensate for my unsatisfied childhood longing for traveling, let’s say God put me on a journey to live for people. The best journey of all.

The famous place

I got the opportunity to travel to the Arab Republic of Egypt, in 2019, where I was privileged to visit a number of historical places including the Pyramids of Giza.

A little background & How I got there

I am a youth leader and a development advocate. What this means basically is that, I strive for better standards for youth and ensure sustainable development in all of its forms and in every little way possible.

In service to youth and to ensure sustainable development, I founded a campus student youth organization or club where students come together to learn about sustainable development and also help one another development their personal skills.

It was this youth organization that I had established that served as my ticket for the greatest adventure of my life.

How I got there

I was invited to participate in an Africa-wide youth program in Egypt. I enjoyed an all expense paid trip to the ancient city of civilization 🇪🇬

We visited a number of historical sites including the Egypt Museum where we say mummies.

Among all the places we went to, the pyramids of Giza was the ultimate dream destination. I was mad excited when we got there.

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The largest pyramid has a cave beneath it where all my friends were entering but I could not enter because I was scared 😱. The pyramid is too big and the entrance of the cave was a very small hole. So I was scared that something could happen and it the hole would get blocked and we wouldn’t be able to come outside.
But for real I am claustrophobic.

I have a strong belief that if you put God first and really have a clean heart, He is going to take you places you never imagine.
Sometimes people will not understand you but if you know you’re not going against God, keep on. ‘Cause God knows best. -
By me

Thank you 😊



Wow, such a nice place to visit.

It was a memorable experience
I hope you get experience it too someday

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You had the ultimate experience bro 😎 but not entering the cage was not cool, but I wouldn’t blame you much though maybe I would also do same if I saw how small the hole was.
All in all your trip was super exciting and I wish to go there one day.

Thanks for participating.

Thank you bro

Let’s plan the trip 😉

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Ehh na with which money 😂

Steem 😅

 26 days ago 

Oh ok ok when we get it then we will plan and go ehh😂

Good spirit 🔥😅